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1 million names against abortion Join us in urging the Supreme Court to stop the killing

(LifeSiteNews) — A pro-life company has launched a new ad highlighting the beauty of life and joy that a baby brings to a family. 

On July 13, online pro-life organization PublicSq. published an ad celebrating the unborn on behalf of its new premium brand EveryLife, specializing in baby products, including diapers and wipes. 

“While so many companies are promoting what is wrong, we choose to celebrate what is right,” the ad says. “Life. Every miracle from God. Boy or girl. Black, tan, and white. Planned and unplanned. Gifted and special.”


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The ad reveals the joy babies bring to their parents and families. It depicts a mother holding her baby for the first time after giving birth. Another shot shows a woman watching her baby’s heartbeat during an ultrasound. 

Other clips reveal the joy of a father in seeing his child and preparing the home for the baby’s arrival. The ad depicts a father arranging a crib for his new baby while another clip shows a father placing his ear to his pregnant wife’s belly to hear his unborn child. 

“Every one of them is celebrated here. EveryLife. Where changing diapers, changes lives,” the ad concludes. 

According to its website, the California-based company focusses on producing “premium products for every baby. Because every baby is a miracle from God who deserves to be loved, protected, and supported.” 

Inspired by stories of parents who chose life for their children despite difficult circumstances, and unwilling to support companies who fail to respect the unborn, a group of parents determined to found a company dedicated to promoting family and faith values in a world where they are so lost.  

“We are tired of supporting companies that don’t understand or respect us, tired of having agendas pushed on us and our youth, and tired of watching millions of innocent gifts from above be wiped away under the guise of equity,” the website states. 

In addition to offering pro-life products, EveryLife gives their customers the opportunity to contribute to “Buy for a Cause,” a program which helps support a family in urgent need of essential baby products. 

Pro-lifers are increasingly finding ways to support each other and help families choose life, regardless of difficult circumstances. 

In June, pro-life CEO Michael Seifert of PublicSq. offered employees a “baby bonus” of $5,000 “to any employee who has a baby or adopts a child” to counteract companies paying for abortions. 

PublicSq., pronounced “public square,” is an “app designed to link patrioticbusinesses with ‘quality products, services, and exclusive discounts,’” according to Fox News. 

The company is “Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Freedom,” according to its website. “We will always protect the family unit and celebrate the sanctity of every life,” the company promises. 

1 million names against abortion Join us in urging the Supreme Court to stop the killing