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WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) — A smaller percentage of Americans support the LGBT agenda in 2023 than they have in previous years, a new poll shows. The change comes amid state-level legislation and grassroots pushback against the promotion and celebration of homosexuality and transgenderism.

The Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) reported December 6 that data from 2022 and 2023 indicated an overall “decline in support for LGBTQ rights across the board.

According to the report, the numbers demonstrate a marked shift from prior approval rates. Previously, only “policies requiring transgender people to use bathrooms based on their” actual “sex” had amassed noticeable support in contrast to an overall “trend in growing public support for LGBTQ rights [sic].”

The report found that Republican support for legislation protecting women’s bathrooms has nearly doubled from 2016 to 2023, shooting from 44 percent to a whopping 80 percent, though Democrat approval for the measures has remained roughly unchanged at about 31 percent. 

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Though Americans are still reportedly “broadly supportive of antidiscrimination protections and marriage equality [sic],” the rate of support for homosexual “marriage” has fallen by six percentage points since 2021, dropping from 72 percent in August 2021 to 66 percent in 2023.  

PRRI ascribed the shift to growing polarization among Americans on a state-by-state basis.

“As partisan politicians began to clearly take opposing positions on transgender rights, so too have partisan members of the mass public,” the report states.

The PRRI flagged the rise of so-called “anti-transgender and anti-gay legislation” as well as “anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric and demonstrations” as part of the shift away from support for radical sexual and cultural upheaval, which has occurred in a patchwork fashion across the country in a manner aligned with the political preferences of individual states.

As LifeSiteNews has extensively reported, conservative-minded parents, lawmakers, and school boards in states across the country have recently pushed back against radical homosexual and transgender ideology by working to require schools to notify families of a child’s gender confusion, pull sexually explicit and pro-LGBT curricula and materials from classrooms and school libraries, protect girls’ sports and spaces, and ban sexualized performances targeting children. 

Opposition to LGBT ideology has picked up considerable momentum in recent years, as evidenced by the poll. This year, amid pro-reality legislation opposing the LGBT agenda, the boycott against Bud Light over its ill-advised pair-up with divisive transgender-identifying TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney generated massive support and achieved significant success. Daily Wire podcaster Matt Walsh, who has actively endorsed and promoted the protest, called it “the most effective conservative boycott in modern American history.” 

Meanwhile, advocates of the LGBT agenda, who frequently promote the harmful misinformation that men can become women and that same-sex unions are the same as marriage, also attempt to disparage pushback against LGBT radical ideology and legislation protecting children and women as hateful attacks. 

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Growing resistance to the LGBT agenda comes as even prominent leaders in the transgender medical field have acknowledged that “social contagion” is a factor in rising numbers of trans identification among children and youth.

The phenomenon is evident in the active encouragement from the culture and schools for children to adopt “gay,” “transgender,” “gender fluid,” or “non-binary” sexual identities. The proliferation of pro-transgender ideology for children and adults alike has led to a spike in transgender identification and subsequent surgical and chemical mutilation by “affirming” practitioners.

And research as well as anecdotal reports by “detransitioners” have shown that the “affirmation” of gender delusion can have drastic consequences. Recorded harmful effects of transgender surgeries and drugs include the loss of ability to have biological children or breastfeed, as well as cardiovascular diseases, loss of bone density, cancer, strokes and blood clots, infertility, and suicidality.