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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Canada’s Public Health Agency’s (PHA) own research has shown that most Canadians have an exceptionally low level of trust in both the federal government and mainstream media, which has even lower trust ratings than elected officials.

“While respondents have a lot of trust in hospitals and health care workers, trust in the federal government (e.g. the Public Health Agency) is much lower,” said the findings from the PHA’s report Use of Public Health Measures, Advice and Risk Assessment Survey, as per Blacklock’s Reporter.

The report shows that less than a third of Canadians displayed “high trust” of the federal government, with “large media organizations” as well as celebrities getting even lower scores.

The report findings came from questionnaires that were sent to some 6,200 Canadians nationwide as well as nine federal focus groups. It was conducted by Abacus Data, costing some $172,237 of taxpayer money.

When it came to the federal government, only 32% of Canadians said they had a “high trust” in them, with provincial governments coming in even lower at 26%.

Large mainstream media outlets and “journalists” working for them scored a “high trust” rating of only 18%. This was followed by only 12% of people saying they trusted “ordinary people,” with celebrities garnering only an eight percent “trust” rating.

The report noted that “journalists and reporters working for large media organizations are trusted less than the federal government by survey respondents.”

In June, the PHA admitted that as the COVID crisis went on, more and more people displayed less trust in federal officials.

The report noted that “people want factual, balanced, unbiased and politically neutral information that includes source attribution.”

Not surprisingly, because of the COVID lockdowns and mandates that resulted in many jab-free Canadians losing their jobs, 17% of Canadians said their trust in the federal government has been forever shaken than before the COVID crisis.

“This much was echoed by health care professionals who indicated their patients’ trust in at least one level of government had waned,” the researchers of the report noted.

“Health care professionals explained information from the government was fast-evolving, not always clear and at times contradictory.”

The agency said that “trust,” particularly in the “government and health care sector,” is central to the “effectiveness of public health measures.” The survey results show that this “trust” level is simply not there.

Low trust in media and government is not without precedent

Canadians’ low trust in both the mainstream media as well as the government comes at the same time recent reports show agencies were trying to manipulate the media narrative.

In June, LifeSiteNews reported on how Canada’s Department of Health was shown to have forced government-funded mainstream media outlets to issue hundreds of “corrections.” The media outlets were warned that they had to abide by the requests as a condition to continue to obtain government funding.

Some Canadians who got the COVID shots but were then injured by them have taken both the federal government and state-run media to court due to what they said was propaganda about the jabs.

In July, LifeSiteNews reported on Carrie Sakamoto, a Saskatchewan mom who now suffers from Bell’s Palsy after taking the COVID-19 injection. Sakamoto is suing the Canadian government and various health officials, as well as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for misinformation and negligence, as she noted for convincing her that the vaccine was “safe” and “effective.”

In June, LifeSiteNews reported on how the federal government knew, as per a secret memo, that the COVID shots caused injuries but instead came up with a strategy to counter people’s fears.

Also, in May, a former CBC journalist revealed that reporters were stopped from being able to cover stories critical of COVID vaccines and lockdowns and were instead encouraged to push government “propaganda.”

The federal government subsidizes legacy media in Canada to the tune of over $1 billion a year.

In 2019, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised that his Liberal government would give legacy media, including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), an extra $595 million in federal assistance over the next four years.

Per its 2020-2021 annual report, the CBC receives about $1.24 billion in public funding every year, which is about 70% of its funding.