WASHINGTON, November 5, 2001 ( – Children of God For Life, the Internet’s most reliable source for information on vaccines tainted by the use of aborted baby tissue in their manufacture, has warned that a new Smallpox vaccine may use aborted fetal cell lines.

A contract for development of a new smallpox vaccine was awarded to the Oravax/Acambis Corporation. The pro-life group checked the proposed ingredients through the CDC and found the company intends to use aborted fetal cell line MRC-5 as the cell substrate for growing the virus. The group also notes that animal substitutes exist to create the smallpox vaccine.

The FDA verified the reports in a phone call from Children of God for Life, according to a news release from the group. The FDA also said they would most likely use more than one manufacturer and no final decisions have been made. Testing has already begun using MRC-5 in Phase 1 smallpox vaccine trials.

Children of God for Life urges pro-lifers to express their concerns over the use of aborted fetal tissue in vaccines, and urge the use of alternatives. “Consider the outcome if the only vaccine we have next year is derived from aborted fetal tissue and hundreds of thousands of Americans refuse it,” says the group.

An official Centers for Disease Control document verifies that “Recently, MRC-5 was used as a cell substrate for the preparation of an experimental smallpox vaccine under a Phase 1 trial.” See the CDC document:

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