PHILIDELPHIA, PA, Sept 3 ( – Stem cell research, much touted lately for its incredible medical potential has received strong criticism because most of its proponents either work with tissue from aborted fetuses or create or alter human embryos for their work. However,  new research by Dr. Cesare Peschle, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Jefferson  Medical College, has found a way to isolate stem cells from adults thus avoiding the ethical pitfalls associated with the previous research.

Brad Evenson of the National Post reports today on the findings of Dr. Peschle and his international research team as reported in Science magazine. The discovery involves the identification of a protein, which would identify stem cells. The research could lead to breakthroughs in leukemia, AIDS and diabetes.  Dr. Peschle’s research satisfies ethical standards for research in this field proposed this past July by a coalition of researchers, pro-life leaders, politicians, ethicists and religious leaders.

The release by The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity stipulates that “human stem cell research requiring the destruction of human embryos is objectionable on   legal, ethical, and scientific grounds.” However, the paper also points out that “destruction of human embryonic life is unnecessary for medical progress, as alternative methods of obtaining human stem cells and of repairing and regenerating human tissue exist and continue to be developed.”  

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