WASHINGTON, D.C., January 16, 2014 (– A new paper released today by the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) compiles new evidence showing that emergency contraceptives can operate as abortion-inducing drugs. Author Susan E. Wills, JD, LLM, examines the latest scientific studies and explains how IUDs and so-called “morning after pills” have been shown to occasionally prevent newly created embryos from implanting in the uterine wall, therefore facilitating early abortion.

The report looks at the current state of the science regarding the three most common types of emergency contraception available in the United States: the Copper-T IUD (marketed as ParaGard® T 380A Intrauterine Copper Contraceptive), Ulipristal acetate (marketed as Ella® and ellaOne®), and levonorgestrel EC or LNG-EC (marketed as Plan B®, Plan B One-Step® and Next Choice®).


“As we await a decision from the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the HHS mandate, this timely research sheds light on the fundamental difference between abortion and the prevention of pregnancy.  These are simply not the same and we can only have a good outcome when the terms are properly understood,” said Chuck Donovan, president of the Charlotte Lozier Institute. “This review of the newest research confirms the Obamacare mandate as a blunt and sweeping assault on the freedom of conscience of those who oppose the killing of human embryos.”

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“Given the dangers to the future of conscience rights posed by the Affordable Care Act, an honest debate over the ‘contraception mandate’ is a necessity,” concludes author Susan E. Wills, JD, LLM. “Numerous studies have shown that the most popular emergency contraceptives can cause the death of embryos. For the sake of full and accurate informed consent for patients and for the sake of the integrity of the medical profession and research community, this reality must be acknowledged.  Only then will we be able to make informed decisions about our personal healthcare and healthcare policy.”

In August 2011, Department of HHS Secretary Sebelius herself said that the mandate includes drugs that are “designed to prevent implantation” of embryos, causing abortion.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute was launched in 2011 as the education and research arm of Susan B. Anthony List.  The CLI is a hub for research and public policy analysis on some of the most pressing issues facing the United States and nations around the world.  The paper released today is a part of the Charlotte Lozier Institute’s American Reports Series which presents analysis of issues concerning life, science, and bioethics and that affect national policy.