WASHINGTON, Oct 23 (LSN) – US president Bill Clinton’s choice for new Surgeon General, Dr. David Satcher, was confirmed yesterday by the senate,inspite of his support for partial-birth abortion. The Surgeon General is the nations chief medical officer.

The Family Research Council, in a press release, noted that Dr. Satcher departs from thousands of his colleagues in the medical profession who emphatically declare that there is no medical reason to puncture the skull of a partially delivered child and vacuum the child’s brains out.

“Appointing an advocate of infanticide to the bully pulpit on our country’s health would send an absolutely tragic message to our nation and to the world,” Family Research Council President Gary Bauer said Wednesday. “The position of the ‘nation’s doctor’ should NOT be filled by an individual who acquiesces in a radical agenda that threatens the life and health of our nation’s mothers and their unborn children. It would be a great tragedy if the members of the U.S. Senate, who voted overwhelmingly to ban legalized infanticide, endorsed as Surgeon General of the United States an individual who legitimizes the gruesome practice of partial- birth abortion,” Bauer continued.