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New teaser trailer alerts both sides of the abortion debate: ‘It’s Coming’

The Editors

May 8, 2012, ( - A new teaser trailer, entitled “It’s Coming”, for an upcoming film has been released by a YouTube account called “ChoiceTV Network.”

The intense, short video, presents viewers with a riddle to solve: “It once signalled the coming of a great injustice.  Now it will make the invisible victims visible.”

Viewers say it’s a teaser for a pro-life film, along the lines of the movie 180.  An individual with inside knowledge of the project, who refuses to be named or to give more information, told LifeSiteNews “it’s going to be huge and will absolutely rock the abortion debate.”

On May 22nd ChoiceTV Network promises to unveil the answer to its riddle about what’s coming.  A Wordpress blog of the same name has also been set up for people to subscribe to the upcoming release.

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