SANTIAGO, Chile, March 13, 2014 ( – A Latin American pro-life group dedicated to post-abortion healing has released a short, but touching, new video that it hopes will reach those who are suffering after abortion.

Proyecto Esperanza is headquartered in Santiago, Chile.

The organization hopes the video will reach as many people as possible and are encouraging concerned individuals, churches and organizations to promote it as widely as possible through email, Facebook and other social media.

Pro-life leader Dan Zeidler, who is facilitating the release, believes that the video, which is just over a minute long, will be “an effective way to spread the message that there is hope through the Love and Mercy of God for those suffering after abortion.”

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“There is something more painful than giving birth to a child… not giving him birth,” begins the text of the video.

The video ends with the ‘on-screen’ listing of several programs and organizations dedicated to helping to heal the wounds women suffer from abortion.

The video is an adaptation of the original Spanish version that was produced by Proyecto Esperanza. It aired on national TV in Chile during the organization’s media campaign a number of years ago.

The organization was very pleased with the response the Spanish-version received with “many women (and some men) calling for more information, and to request help with post-abortion healing.”

In light of this, the organization’s leaders, Elizabeth Bunster and Adriana Avendaño, decided to share the video with abortion recovery efforts in other countries with an English version. They are considering offering the video in other languages as well.

For more information about the video, contact Dan Zeidler at [email protected]. The Spanish version of the video is available here.