Springfield, IL, Aug. 4, 2008 ( – If you’re seeking information about post-abortion issues, or if you have information to share about your own post-abortion experience, your ministry, or your opinions, you may want to check out the latest collaborative clearinghouse on abortion information, is a Web 2.0 site designed to allow anyone in the world to find or contribute information related to post-abortion issues. Using the same software platform that underlies popular websites like Wikipedia, allows registered users to add their own information and pages to the site, as well as to edit information that is already there.
  The site includes sections for:
  – post-abortion ministries to add information about their work and their materials, links and notices about upcoming events;
  – women and men who have been involved in an abortion to post their stories;
  – users to add original articles, commentary, or information about new research;
  – users to add information and links to other resources related to post-abortion healing research and healing; and
  – users to simply discuss or comment on the articles and information posted on the website. is also the home of the Thomas W. Strahan Memorial Library, the most extensive bibliography of published studies, books, and articles on the aftereffects of abortion, along with commentary highlighting the most important points in each citation.
  Tom Strahan was a lawyer and civil rights activist who was probably the world’s leading expert on published studies on abortion. His bibliography was published in the form of a book, Detrimental Effects of Abortion, which is now a featured section of and is available for reference by visitors and for updating by the contributing editors of the new website.
  Volunteer editors are also needed to (1) help improve site organization and (2) monitor the site for vandalism. The wiki structure makes it easy to protect pages, reverse vandalism, and to block vandals, but volunteers are needed to help with this. 
  If you are interested in being a volunteer for site maintenance, or wish to contribute any material, just create a registered account at is a service provided the Elliot Institute, a leader in research and education regarding post-abortion issues.