JOHANNESBURG, September 12, 2002 ( – Surprisingly, without much media fanfare, the Earth Charter, hailed as the “Ten Commandments” of the New Age, was unveiled at the Earth Summit last week. However, the lack of media attention and public notice may be purposeful.  William Jasper, who covered the unveiling ceremony for New American Magazine reports that “Apparently, the plan is to orchestrate a global stealth campaign for the Charter among a sympathetic core constituency. As the campaign picks up steam, activists will obtain signatures and public support for this new global ethic from local, state, and national governments, schools, and organizations – without stirring the suspicions and opposition of churches, pro-life, and pro-family forces.”  The Charter’s founding proponents, Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong both have referred to the Charter as a new “Ten Commandments” to guide the new age “global spirituality”. The religious overtone is intentional.  Moreover, the Earth Charter backers, including Stephen Rockefeller, have fashioned an Ark of the Covenant look-alike “Ark of Hope” to house the ‘sacred’ Charter.  The Ark was ceremoniously carried to United Nations headquarters in New York last year and was put on display in Johannesburg.

With U.N. language, the Charter promotes abortion (using the terms “reproductive health and responsible reproduction”) and homosexuality (banning discrimination based on “sexual orientation”).  The New American reports that the Charter will soon be making its way to schools, city governments, state legislatures, teachers organizations, civic groups, professional associations, judges, and law schools.” The magazine suggests, “Once a critical mass of support has been built among students, teachers, journalists, and public officials, the Charter will appear to be universally accepted and unstoppable.”  See the New American report:   See the Earth Charter and the Ark of Hope website:  See OMINOUS ANTI-LIFE, ANTI-FAMILY EARTH CHARTER COMPLETED