BAWKU, Ghana, May 29, 2014 ( – A newborn baby girl who was thrown into a toilet in a Catholic junior high school and left to die was rescued and is still alive, authorities say.

The girl, who was approximately two days old, was found by a young girl who came in to clean the facilities, according to officials at Holy Angels Junior High in the Garu Tempane region of Ghana.

Despite the fact that the girl had apparently been inside the lavatory for some time, and maggots had already infested her body and eaten part of her hair, she cried out. Police rushed the baby to Presbyterian Hospital in Bawku.

Emmanuel Asore Avoka, vice principal of the nearby Catholic Vocational Institute, told the English-language radio station Citi FM that the child's surviving the ordeal was “a very serious spiritual intervention.”

Her survival is the rare happy ending among a rash of babies being thrown into trash cans or flushed down toilets.

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Last August, a woman in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, gave birth in the restroom of a bar, and hid the baby in the tank of the toilet. The newborn's tiny, lifeless body was not found until the next day.

Two months later, Tiona Rodriguez gave birth to a live baby who died of asphyxiation. The child's body was found inside the 17-year-old's bag in a Victoria's Secret store in Manhattan.

Deacon Keith Fournier said the epidemic of mothers abandoning their babies represents a revival of the pagan custom of “exposure”: allowing babies to be born, then die of natural causes, or be eaten by predators.

“Babies are treated as trash” in abortion facilities nationwide, he said.

Abortion workers have been caught on undercover video telling women that if they give birth to a baby before their scheduled abortion, they should “flush it down the toilet.”