John Jalsevac


Newborn baby with umbilical attached found dumped in back yard in Queens, New York

John Jalsevac

QUEENS, NY, October 11, 2013 ( – A newborn baby was found abandoned in a backyard in Queens, New York, earlier this week.

The baby, who was only a couple hours old, was discovered Sunday morning by a couple outside a home on 132nd Street in South Richmond Hill. He was reportedly tossed on the concrete and was bleeding. 

Gary Long told the New York Post that when he woke up, he heard a sound like a cat meowing. 

“I went outside, and it looked like a doll laying there,” Long said. “Then it moved and started to cry, and I realized it was a naked baby with the umbilical cord still attached.”

Long brought the baby inside, where his wife tried to keep him warm. 

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"I wrapped the baby up very tightly and I took a heating pad and laid it across the towel, and I took my blow dryer and put it up so the heat could come down, because the baby looked sort of bluish to me," Yolanda told Eyewitness News

Gary says that his backyard may have been deliberately targeted by whoever the mother of the baby is. 

“We sit in the yard a lot — maybe they thought we were nice people and we’d take care of the baby,” Gary said. 

The abandonment is the latest in a rash of similar heart-breaking incidents in recent months, although in case the baby was fortunate enough to survive. The Post reports that the baby is in stable condition. 

In several other recent incidents, the bodies of newborn babies have been discovered abandoned in trash cans or garbage dumps. 

After the latest incident, New York police reminded the public of the “save haven” law, which allows someone to drop a newborn baby off at a police or fire station, or church, with no questions asked. 

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