Ben Johnson


Newborn’s body found abandoned in diaper box in park bushes

Ben Johnson

ROSEVILLE, CA, July 9, 2013 ( – Police say they discovered the body of a newborn baby abandoned in the bushes of a public park in Roseville, California.

The mother had wrapped the full-term baby, whose umbilical cord was still attached, in blankets and plastic bags and stuffed it inside an empty diaper box at the city's Saugstad Park.

Police discovered the body just after 8 o'clock Monday morning and are presently searching for the mother. They did not release the sex of the baby.

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“We're treating it as a homicide,” said Detective Darin DeFreece of the Roseville Police Department. “This is obviously somebody who didn't have a plan.”

Although DeFreece hoped the birth mother would surrender, he said if necessary police would “hunt her down.”

“DNA doesn't go away,” he said.

The case is the latest in a string of mothers giving birth to babies, then disposing of them as common rubbish, either by throwing their bodies into trash cans or flushing them down toilets.

A string of investigative videos released by Live Action, confirmed by the testimony of former employees at Douglas Karpen's Houston abortion facility, show that late-term abortionists employ and counsel women to use both methods.

A counselor at Southwestern Women's Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico, told an undercover reporter with Live Action if she were to go into labor in her hotel room, just sit on the toilet. “Don't look down,” she said. “Don't look.”

After giving birth, a doctor and/or nurse from the facility will show up. “We wrap it up, and we bring it back to the clinic,” the worker said. 

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