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US bishops and don't ask, don't tell, Cardinal George Rebukes Gay Marriage Advocates, Vatican and Discovery Channel’s exorcism series, Boston Globe hit article, The Witches Next Door, Beijing’s revenge, Africans puzzled by West, More...
Fri Jan 14, 2011 - 2:54 pm EST

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The US bishops and don’t ask, don’t tell - Micheal Voris, REAL Catholic TV
Too many leaders in the Church these days offer a mixed bag when it comes to defending and promoting the Faith. What is so hard about just saying it like it is?

Chicago’s Cardinal George Says Gay Marriage Advocates Have ‘Lost Touch’ With The Human Race, Rips Civil Unions
George told student John Falcone his “argument was not with Mother Church but with Mother Nature,” adding that anyone who advocates same-sex marriage or its equivalent “has lost touch with the common understanding of the human race.” “No one has the right to change marriage,” George went on to say, neither “the Church” nor “the state.”

Vatican not collaborating with Discovery Channel’s exorcism series, says spokesman
The Vatican’s Press Office director Fr. Federico Lombardi has denied claims that there is any official collaboration between the Holy See and the Discovery Channel for a series called “The Exorcist Files.” Publicity for the show was “misleading.”

Catholic Scandal and the Third Reich: Rise and Fall of a Moral Panic - Speroforum

Minnesota attorney launches London firm to pursue sex-abuse claims - Wall Street Journal

Boston Globe does vicious hit article on Scott Lively - Mass Resistance
. . . Followed two days later by Springfield Republican newspaper. The mainstream media’s anti-family, anti-Christian propaganda campaign has taken a disturbing turn. On Wednesday, January 5, the Boston Globe published a particularly vicious front-page article attacking Scott Lively, a well-known pro-family activist, pastor, writer, and lecturer. It was done in a cowardly, dishonest manner where the reporter misrepresented himself and went against Dr. Lively’s wishes regarding the interview.

The Witches Next Door
by Sandra Miesel
Wicca is a conspicuous part of a burgeoning pagan revival in the Western world. Although hard numbers are impossible to find, there are about 200,000 pagans in the United States, 120,000 in Great Britain, and many fewer in other developed countries.

Beijing’s revenge against Mgr Jia Zhiguo’s orphanage, which might be seized - Asia News
Opened 20 years ago, the orphanage is home to about 100 disabled boys and girls. The government wants to take it over and send away the 30 nuns who care for the children in an attempt to undermine the moral authority of the bishop who refuses to join the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association.

Africans puzzled by Western attacks on faith
- Mercator
Africans cannot understand why Christians in the Christian West should be persecuted for expressing their faith in public.

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