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JOHN’S, Newfoundland (LifeSiteNews) – Newfoundland and Labrador is set to be the next Canadian province to end a good part of its draconian COVID policies, including mask mandates and vaccine segregation measures.

Beginning on February 21, a relaxation of measures will begin, starting with capacity limits being lifted in some settings.

By March 14, limits on gatherings writ large will be lifted, as well as vaccination discrimination measures.

Dr. Janice Fitzgerald, chief medical officer of health said to think of the lifting of measures as “the beginning of the end” of government imposed COVID policies.

Newfoundland is one of many provinces to drop their measures in the wake of the Freedom Convoy movement still taking place in Ottawa.

The Maritime province has never had a full reopening like this one but has instead had incremental openings and closures that corresponded with COVID-associated hospital numbers.

Although the policies for participation in public life are dropping, numerous industries are still hampered by COVID jab policies that require vaccination for employment.