PERU, August 17, 2011 ( – Peruvian pro-life organizations are sounding the alarm over a string of pro-abortion and anti-family appointments being made at the country’s Ministry of Women following the election of socialist Ollanta Humala.

Humala’s appointment to head the ministry, Aída García Naranjo, has a record of advocating the decriminalization of what she calls “therapeutic abortion,” although she claimed to be against abortion as recently as August 3.  Pro-lifers say that Naranjo is pushing for the issuance of a national protocol for such abortions, which would permit doctors to kill the unborn if a pregnant women suffers from a variety of health problems.

“As would be expected, a pro-abortion feminist has been named as minister of the Ministry of Women, a bastion that has been successively infiltrated also by NGOs that promote ‘sexual and reproductive rights,’ that is to say, contraception and abortion, in our country,” reports the Protestant news agency PeruGospel.

Peru Defends Life (Peru Defiende la Vida) complains that “although she indicated that she is against abortion, the current Women’s Minister, Aída García Naranjo, has called on pro-abortion activists, the most rancid and ideological of Peruvian feminism, to occupy key positions in this department.”

“Her first advance has already been announced, which is to apply pressure for the creation of the ‘Protocol for Therapeutic Abortion,” but furthermore these appointments indicate the strategy of continuing to introduce the badly-named ‘sexual and reproductive rights’ as fundamental rights of the person,” adds the group on its website.

Humala himself has spoken out of both sides of his mouth on the issue of abortion. During the presidential race earlier this year, he claimed to be against abortion, saying that the “defense of life is first.”  However, he also stated that he was in favor of decriminalizing “therapeutic abortion,” a term that can be used to justify the killing of the unborn in virtually any circumstance.

Humala also claimed to be against homosexual marriage, but received the support of key homosexual groups.