NewsBytes for Aug. 24 - Obama and Islam

Tue Aug 24, 2010 - 12:15 pm EST

Compiled by Steve Jalsevac

See introductory article Militant Islam Versus the West

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Obama's Milky Way By George Neumayr - The

His presidency largely exists for the benefit of one religion, the only religion he appears to consider blameless and holy - Islam, and not even its moderate variant. Under Obama, America undercuts moderate Muslims while pandering to violent ones.

Earth to Bolden and Barack: These imams don't "feel good" about Islam's centuries-back contribution to science; they feel ashamed of it. As Robert R. Reilly chronicles in The Closing of the Muslim Mind, mainstream Islamic theology today views science as impious/useless because it presupposes that God created the world rationally, a presupposition which is an affront to God (under the twisted metaphysics of Islamic theology) since it is seen as a limitation on his freedom and transcendence. This Islamic theology simply killed science in the Islamic world, which is illustrated by such basic measures as the paucity of patents and scientific books that come out of it.

Obama's Comments Take Mosque Story National -
Already, though, Obama's comments on the Ground Zero mosque have transformed an emotion-laden local dispute in New York into a nationwide debate overnight, setting nervous Democrats on edge and creating potentially dramatic political implications in the upcoming midterm elections

Obama: He's Not a Muslim By C. Edmund Wright
So now we have a president haunted by the idea that he is really a Muslim - and not a Christian at all. How delicious it is that his blatantly secular liberal supporters are totally impotent at fighting this battle for him - given that so many Americans take faith seriously?

And going back to Wright's Trinity Church will not help. There will be no Jesus Creed available there. Listen to the tapes or order the books. You will simply find Black Liberation Theology and Marxism and so on. Jesus? Not so much.

The Truth about Obama's Muslim 'Faith' By Selwyn Duke - American Thinker
Obama is not religiously Muslim. Culturally, though…well, that's a different matter altogether. In reality, calling Obama a "Muslim" gives him too much credit. He is a moral relativist, a position the antithesis of any absolutist faith. Inherent in Islam is that belief that Allah, not man, has authored right and wrong and that, consequently, it isn't a matter of opinion. Thus, Obama cannot truly believe in Islam—or in Christianity or Judaism, for that matter.

Oh, and since some will ask, how do I know Obama is a relativist? It's simple: Virtually all leftists are, as the denial of moral reality that is relativism lies at the heart of liberalism.

He spent some of his formative years in the world's most populous Muslim country, Indonesia, where he was registered as a Muslim in both schools he attended and sometimes prayed on Fridays in a mosque. He is anti-American, anti-Western, anti-Christian (the traditional variety), anti-white, and anti-life.

Mr. Obama openly bragged about his "Muslim background" and that his family had "followers of Islam." He spoke of his youth in Indonesia, his study of the Koran and the call to Islamic prayer. In short, he discovered his inner Muslim in an attempt to ingratiate himself with the Arab street.

Obama Is Not a Muslim But many Americans think he is - Christianity Today
President Obama told Christianity Today in 2008, "I am a Christian, and I am a devout Christian." According to a new Pew Forum survey, only a third of Americans believe him. This is only slightly more than the 18 percent who think he is a Muslim. Among evangelical Christians, 29 percent believe Obama is a Muslim, but only 27 percent think he is a Christian. 

Since March of last year, the percentage of Americans who think Obama is a Muslim has increased from 11 to 18 percent, while the percentage who think he is a Christian dropped from 48 to 34 percent.

The President, the Heretic, and the Hoax - Carl Olson, Insightscoop
From Sandro Magister's most recent column, "There's a Strange Prophet in the White House", which is one of the strangest (and most interesting) pieces in recent memory from the noted Italian journalist: Instead of Niebuhr, Obama's speeches seem to espouse the utopia of a famous medieval monk and theologian: Joachim of Fiore, prophet of an "age of the Spirit" after the previous ages of the Father and the Son, a third and definitive age of peace, of justice, of humanity with no more divisions, not even among religions.

Obama's utopian vision, as confused and incoherent as it often is, has nothing to do with an Islamic vision of history and humanity (the notion that Obama is a Muslim is quite bizarre, in my estimation); it is secular and ideological. Whereas Bush the Second apparently believed that big government + faith-filled compassion would result in a better world, his successor apparently believes that an even bigger government + pragmatic, faith-allergic efficiency will result in a better world. Both are wrong. Whatever their differences (and some are significant), Bush II and Obama both hold to strikingly positive perspectives on the necessity of more governmental regulations, controls, and expansion.

The Separation of Islamophilia from State By George Neumayr -
By modern secularist standards, Barack Obama's boosterism for Islam violates the "separation between Church and state." Had George W. Bush held a rosary and modest fish dinner at the White House to mark the beginning of Lent, the ACLU left would have freaked out. But these same secularists didn't mind Barack's "Iftar dinner" last Friday night.

That is, until he wimped out on his endorsement of the Ground Zero mosque. The moment one thinks this presidency has hit the bottom of grim parody it finds a new one. It is hard to keep track of them at this point, but any list of the White House's greatest Islamophilic hits would have to include: wanting a civilian jury trial for the 9/11 planners, refusing to identify radical Islam as a terrorist motive, endorsing the concept of jihad, fretting over the loss of "diversity" after the Fort Hood shooting, and vacationing through the fallout of an aborted Christmas day bombing over Detroit.
The White House's ideologically willful self-delusion about radical Islam is staggering.

What radical Islam's useful idiots in the White House and the press call "religious freedom," the founders would have called insanely dumb religious relativism and self-hating stupidity.

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