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NewsBytes - Islamic persecution of Christians

Steve Jalsevac

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Compiled by Steve Jalsevac

Imprisoned in Iran: an inspiring story -
Dan Baumann spent years ministering in Muslim countries. On a two week trip to Iran he was detained at the border.  Dan shares his story.

Pakistan: ‘Jesus Christ’ among words banned in text messages - Catholic culture

Another Christian Martyred in Pakistan - National Review

Punjab, Catholic activist murdered by Muslim Mafia by Jibran Khan
Akram Masih, married and father of four children, was killed last night by an armed commando close to Muslim landowners. For years the man was the target of threats, for his strenuous battle to defend the rights of minorities. Local Priest: Muslims landowners “steal” Christian property with the support of authorities.

Radical Muslim Cleric: Christmas the Pathway to Hell - Townhall
A Muslim lawyer has launched an extraordinary rant against Christmas, branding the celebration ‘evil’.

Islamic scholar: “Saying Merry Christmas is worse then fornication or killing someone

Christians in imminent danger across the world are refused refugee status while Muslim refugee immigration goes unimpeded - Jihadwatch

Iraq: Attacks and threats continue against Christians, world looks the other way - Jihadwatch

Police Detain, Beat Converts from Islam in India - Compass Direct

Hindu And Muslim Extremists ‘Infiltrating’ Christian Groups In India -

Nigerian Attacks Deplored as ‘Un-Islamic,’ But Polls Show Millions of Muslims Do Not Reject Suicide Bombings - CNS News

Nigerians Fear More Attacks After Muslim Terrorists Kill 35 Catholics at Christmas Mass - CNS News

Christians Given 3 Days to Leave North Nigeria or Face Death - Christian Post
The militant Islamist group, Boko Haram, has issued a chilling warning to all Christians in northern Nigeria, giving them three days to leave or face further extensive attacks.

Muslim woman settles federal lawsuit against Catholic diocese for having to take a lunch break during Ramadan - Jihadwatch

Egypt Muslim group orders Christian TV station off air - Times Live

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