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Compiled by Steve Jalsevac

“Christmas is Evil”: Moslem Poster Campaign in UK – Examiner
Adherents of the alleged ‘Religion of Peace’ have launched a hate Christmas campaign throughout London and is expected to crop up through the British Isles.

The Islamization of Europe: the moral vacuum of abortion and the population vacuum
Europe is headed for a big conflict over its own identity. In the last few decades, as birthrates across the continent have plummeted, Europeans began to rely more and more on immigrants to supply manpower for various industries. Most of these immigrants have come, are coming, and will continue to come from Islamic countries.

Spain Goes on Mosque-Building Spree
– Hudson New York
Churches Forced to Close: The city of Barcelona, widely known as a European Mecca of anti-clerical postmodernism, has agreed to build an official mega-mosque with a capacity for thousands of Muslim worshipers. The new structure would rival the massive Islamic Cultural Center in Madrid, currently the biggest mosque in Spain. An official in the office of the Mayor of Barcelona says the objective is to increase the visibility of Muslims in Spain, as well as to promote the “common values between Islam and Europe.”

Overall, there are now thirteen mega-mosques in Spain, and more than 1000 smaller mosques and prayer centers scattered across the country. The Muslim building spree reflects the rising influence of Islam in Spain, where the Muslim population has jumped to an estimated 1.5 million in 2010, up from just 100,000 in 1990, thanks to massive immigration.

Islamic Supremacists Envision a Takeover of the Internet
– American Thinker
It was hardly noticed at the time, but its consequences could be catastrophic.  Late last September, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which assigns internet domain names, approved a huge change in the way it operates.  Europe and North America will now have five seats on its Board of Directors, instead of ten, and a new “Arab States” region will have five seats as well.

ICANN at the same time took a reference to “terrorism” out of its Draft Applicant Guidebook.  Why?  Because Arab groups complained.  And so now jihad terror websites can grow and prosper, as ICANN has removed its own ability to police them.

Back in October 2009, I warned of a seismic transformation in internet regulation and free speech.  Under the transnational-happy Obama administration, the U.S. relinquished control of the net at that time.  …if the Muslim world can dominate ICANN the way it dominates the UN General Assembly, then free speech on the internet is dead. In practice, the new arrangement makes it much easier for Muslim countries to dictate what stays on the internet and what doesn’t.

Pakistani govt bows to Islamic groups’ threats, backs out of commitment to review Islamic blasphemy laws

Iraq Archbishop denounces chaos, fear in wake of Christian couple’s murder

Suicide Bombing Kills at Least 41 in Pakistan – FoxNews
A female suicide bomber detonated her explosives-laden vest in a crowded aid distribution center in northwest Pakistan on Saturday, killing at least 41 people and wounding dozens waiting for food stamps, officials said. The bomber, dressed in a traditional women’s burqa, first lobbed two hand grenades into the crowd waiting at a checkpoint outside the food aid distribution center

Bomb Hits Egypt Church at New Year’s Mass, 21 Dead
– Fox News
A powerful bomb, possibly from a homicide attacker, exploded in front of a Coptic Christian church as a crowd of worshippers emerged from a New Years Mass early Saturday, killing at least 21 people and wounding nearly 80 in an attack that raised suspicions of an Al Qaeda role.

Baghdad bomb attacks on Christians: “I think there is complicity by security forces helping insurgents to implement their attacks”

Islamic terrorists were planning massacre in Copenhagen to “avenge” Muhammad cartoons
Five militants who wanted to “kill as many people as possible” in the offices of the newspaper that published the Prophet Muhammad cartoons in Copenhagen were arrested yesterday.  The Danish Minister of Justice, Lars Barfoed, described the plot as “terrifying” and said it was the “most serious terrorist attack” ever planned in Denmark.
“We can not and will not let anyone stop us from criticizing radical Islam.

South American drug gangs funding al-Qaeda terrorists – Telegraph
South American drugs gangs are providing millions of pounds of funding for al-Qaeda terrorists by paying them to ensure the safe passage of cocaine across north Africa and towards Europe.

Kosovo Prime Minister deposited profits from Serb organ trafficking in Islamic charities

In e-mails, NYC pushes for mosque near ground zero
– Wall Street Journal
Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office worked behind the scenes to help the organizers of a mosque and community center near ground zero, intervening with city administrators to get a temporary prayer service permit and having an official ghostwrite a letter to community leaders.