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Compiled by Steve Jalsevac

Study: One in four California pregnancies ends in abortion

Defense of unborn is the ‘premier civil rights issue,’ Archbishop Dolan says – EWTN

Kevorkian Demonstrates That Killing Can be a Path to Fame and Fortune – Wesley J. Smith

Couple abort twin boys in desperate bid for IVF girl
A COUPLE so desperate for a baby girl that they terminated twin boys are fighting to choose the sex of their next child. The couple, who have three sons and still grieve for a daughter they lost soon after birth, are going to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to win the right to select sex by IVF treatment. They say they want the opportunity to have the baby daughter they were tragically denied.

Eggsploitation Continues to Make Waves
– Wesley J. Smith
Human eggs are probably–ounce for ounce–the most valuable commodity on the planet, grasped for by the infertile and bioscientists for use in cloning.  Where great money can be made, industries easily follow.  And that can threaten young women with being turned into commodities. Eggsploitation is non partisan, by which I mean, it unites Left and Right in joint concern for the health of young women–and the destitute overseas–too easily targeted for harvesting.  I am very pleased that Jennifer’s movie is making waves.