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Suing Everyone To Save the Planet
– Wesley J. Smith
Global warming hysterics (GWH) have resorted in recent years to one of the biggest gun in any political advocacy arsenal–the lawyers. GWH lawyers could destroy what is left of the Western economies by amassing huge verdicts against power companies and manufacturing concerns.

Lord Monckton Comes to Wesley Smith’s Rescue – First Things
last night, while driving to a private dinner of speakers who are participating at a conference, one such email came in on the issue of global warming. Just before my finger hit “delete” the proverbial light bulb went off and I realized that in the car seat directly in front of me sat Lord Monckton himself, aka to GWH’s as Beelzebub.  So, I asked him to respond.  He read the mail and dictated to me as I thumbed on my Blackberry.

Scientists predict rare ‘hibernation’ of sunspots: Little Ice Age coming?
– Yahoo News
According to three studies released in the United States on Tuesday, experts believe the familiar sunspot cycle may be shutting down and heading toward a pattern of inactivity unseen since the 17th century. “This is highly unusual and unexpected.” …Experts are now probing whether this period of inactivity could be a second Maunder Minimum, which was a 70-year period when hardly any sunspots were observed between 1645-1715, a period known as the “Little Ice Age.”

No climate death in Venice
By Terence Corcoran, Financial Post
now, following a pattern of science backtracking over IPCC alarmist claims about the threat of global warming, a new science report says Venice is safe. In fact, it will be more secure against water surges than it is today.

Norman Myers’ sinking ark – Peter Foster
Myers’ projections of 50 million climate refugees by 2010 was enthusiastically pushed by the United Nations Environment Program, UNEP. When blogger Gavin Atkins pointed out earlier this year that the areas that were meant to witness a refugee exodus had in fact shown healthy population growth, UNEP removed the map.

Carbon warming too minor to be worth worrying about – By David Evans
I am a scientist who was on the carbon gravy train, understands the evidence, was once an alarmist, but am now a skeptic. Watching this issue unfold has been amusing but, lately, worrying. This issue is tearing society apart, making fools out of our politicians.

World’s oceans in ‘shocking’ decline – By Richard Black, BBC News
(LSN – to be read with very a large grain of sea salt given that this comes from the aggressively anti-life, anti-family, anti-Christian BBC)
The oceans are in a worse state than previously suspected, according to an expert panel of scientists. In a new report, they warn that ocean life is “at high risk of entering a phase of extinction of marine species unprecedented in human history”.

More Credibility Problems for “the Consensus” – Wesley J. Smith
People who really really worry that we are in the midst of a climate crisis can’t understand why a growing number of people are rolling their eyes.

Reason will prevail on energy
– Peter Foster
Fossil-fuel bonanza makes peak oil theorists look ridiculous. Climate policy is revealed as not merely ineffective but a Trojan Horse for other costly and destructive agendas.

Golden age for gas may lift both Canada and China
Financial Post
Shale era ushers in lead-balloon age for wind and solar energy. The IEA report is in fact good news for all but climate catastrophists. Mr. Birol admitted that IEA forecasts for alternative energy may still be excessively optimistic, because the agency continues to assume that governments will stick to commitments to pour hundreds of billions annually down the wind and solar sinkhole.

Canada should Get out of Kyoto while it’s still possible
– Financial Post
Stephen Harper should guide our nation away from the most costly hoax in the history of science

Al Gore Blames Climate Change Rather Than Greenies For Fires in AZ – Townhall
What Gore, and other extreme environmentalists, failed to mention is the responsibility the green movement holds for massive wildfires in the past 30 years due to policies that prevent private industries like logging, ranching and grazing from clearing out a build up of dead brush the forests.

Gore’s Profound Failure of Leadership
– Wesley J. Smith
A notable political scientist (and believer in global warming, at least in the general sense) has mounted a powerful critique of the disastrous political leadership on the issue by Al Gore.  From “The Failure of Gore, Part 1? by Walter Russell Mead in his blog at The American Interest.

If Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee, the big winner might be Al Gore
– Michelle Malkin
Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney broke with Republican orthodoxy on Friday by saying he believes that humans are responsible, at least to some extent, for climate change.

GOP candidate: Global warming is ‘patently absurd’
– WorldNetDaily
Republican takes opposite view of Mitt Romney, who thinks mankind is responsible.
Former Congressman and current Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum is turning up the heat on the issue of man-made global warming.

“I believe the Earth gets warmer and I also believe the Earth gets cooler, and I think history points out that it does that,” Santorum said on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show this afternoon. “The idea that man – through the production of CO2 (carbon dioxide) which is a trace gas in the atmosphere, and the man-made part of that trace gas is itself a trace gas – is somehow responsible for climate change is, I think, patently absurd.”

Christie’s Blind Spot By Paul Chesser, American Spectator
Without a Pawlenty-like mea culpa, and after a few more years of exposing the global warming hoax, it will be D.O.A. for the undiscerning Christie as well. He believes that humans cause global warming; that government should subsidize failed industries such as wind energy and solar energy; and that government should mandate that utilities generate a minimum percentage of the power from expensive “renewables”—He looked so promising, too.

Help Wanted: For an ‘Aggressive Program to Go After … Deniers’ of Climate Change – CNS
Former Democratic Sen. Tim Wirth of Colorado, now the president of the UN Foundation, said the flooding and forest fires in the United States this year are evidence of “the kind of dramatic climate impact” climate change models have predicted and that those in the know on climate change must “undertake an aggressive program to go after those who are among the deniers.”

Too Complex for Dummies? Ted Turner Explains Why ‘Some People Don’t Get It’ on Global Warming
– Newsbusters

Maryland Adds Environmental Literacy in High Schools
– Fox News
“That is not really education,” says Ebell. “It’s propaganda and its designed to raise up a new generation of easily led and poorly educated and misinformed students.”

Rosie O’Donnell: Hard to Believe All These Tornadoes Aren’t Caused By Global Warming

Freedom of information laws are used to harass scientists, says Nobel laureate
– Guardian
Sir Paul Nurse says climate scientists are being targeted by campaigns of requests designed to slow down their research

Fireworks shows need new environmental review
Court ruling could have sweeping impact

TV, Internet harming protection of biodiversity: UN

Young people’s fascination with television, the Internet, video games and other electronic entertainment is making it more difficult to protect the world’s biodiversity, a UN official warned Tuesday.

Missing sea lice – Vivian Krause, Financial Post
For more than a decade, the David Suzuki Foundation has run an aggressive campaign against farmed salmon. “It’s poison!” David Suzuki told a conference in Toronto. One of the biggest problems with the alarm over sea lice is that it is at odds with the excellent returns of wild salmon in recent years

The Purposeful Flooding of America’s Heartland
By Joe Herring, American Thinker
There are many well-publicized examples of absurd obeisance to the demands of radical environmentalists resulting in great economic harm.  The Great Missouri River Flood of 2011 is shaping up to be another – only this time, the price will likely be paid in lives lost as well as treasure.