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Compiled by Steve Jalsevac

Grant from CNN Founder Ted Turner Funds Top Pro-Abortion Blog – Live Action
In 2006, the website was started by the U.N. Foundation, a brainchild of media mogul and billionaire Ted Turner. RH Reality Check is listed as a resource for abortion providers in the National Abortion Federation’s book Management of Unintended and Abnormal Pregnancy: Comprehensive Abortion Care.

A baby at any cost? – National Post
In the six years she was treated at a private fertility clinic, Colleen Aitken had her husband’s specially prepared sperm inserted directly in her uterus on more than 20 occasions, with powerful drugs administered each time to stimulate her ovaries. She gave birth twice, but says the pregnancies the couple so fervently wanted came at a steep cost.

‘Deselecting’ our children by Margaret Somerville
Here’s a recent Danish headline: “Plans to make Denmark a Down syndrome-free perfect society.” The Danes want to promote aborting fetuses with Down syndrome, so their society will be free of such people around 2030. One bioethicist describes it as a “fantastic achievement.”

Only You Can Prevent Sex Selection and Other Ethical Failings – Wesley J. Smith

Sex Selection Abortion and IVF Shopping Coming To USA by Wesley J. Smith
IVF can also be used for sex selection. Pro lifers, we are told, should approve because it prevents abortion.

One day, two surrogacy horror stories – Bioedge
Two surrogacy nightmares were reported in London’s Daily Mail on the same day last week, highlighting the fact that many risks are associated with the procedure.

The quest for the perfect baby
Should parents be able to sue doctors for failing to prevent the birth of a child with a defect? That is a question facing the Supreme Court, which has been asked to recognize ‘wrongful birth’.

Human Trafficker in Babies Pleads Guilty – Wesley J. Smith
Erickson hired women in San Diego to go to Ukraine to be implanted with embryos created from the sperm and eggs of donors. The new couple would then be charged between $100,000 and $150,000,  according to prosecutors.

Why Would Consuming Fetuses Be Wrong? Wesley J. Smith

Dutch Doctor: “I Wanted To Be A Doctor To Help Patients, Not Kill Them” – Wesley J. Smith
Although as a doctor I favour euthanasia, as a person I find it hard to perform. It is a great burden on my personal life and causes me extreme stress.

Alzheimer’s Patients Deserve a “Rain Forest” Solution – Wesley J. Smith
There are between 2.4 and 5.1 million Alzheimer’s patients in the USA today.  Are we really prepared to overdose hundreds of thousands of people when they reach advance stages–or help them kill themselves while still competent? Apparently Bogle is. 

Killing For Organs By Mark P. Mostert
…the burgeoning illegal trafficking in human organs where people are prepared to pay handsome black market prices for a no-questions-asked kidney, liver, or heart. Unscrupulous middlemen prey not only on the potential recipient, but also on the poor and vulnerable who are often cheated out of organs for a pittance. Another more chilling alternative has been offered recently by several Belgian doctors attempting to increase the number of organs available for transplant.

Malaysian Catholics to promote blood and organ donation – Asia News
During the Muslim month of fasting and prayer, blood banks are low in supplies. Catholics are trying to fill the gap.

Most women with lupus can have successful pregnancy outcomes

Experts Predict Global Population Will Plateau By SPIEGEL Staff

Australia: its unnecessarily difficult adoption process