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Obama’s Media Machine: State Run Media 2.0?
– ABC News
“The administration has narrowed access by the mainstream media to an unprecedented extent,” said ABC News White House correspondent Ann Compton, who has covered seven administrations. “Access here has shriveled.” “They’re opening the door to kicking the press out of historic events, and opening the door to having a very filtered format for which they give the American public information that doesn’t have any criticism allowed,” said University of Minnesota journalism professor and political communication analyst Heather LaMarre.

Who’s Polarizing America? By Stanley Kurtz
– National Review
American politics just keeps getting more polarized. Be assured that Obama wants it that way. I argue in Radical-in-Chief that Obama’s long-term hope is to divide America along class lines (roughly speaking, tax payers versus tax beneficiaries). Obama’s attack on the Supreme Court at his 2010 State of the Union address, his offensive against the Chamber of Commerce, his exhortation to Hispanics to punish their enemies, and several similar moves were all efforts to jump-start a populist movement of the left. Like his socialist organizing mentors, Obama believes that a country polarized along class lines will eventually realign American politics sharply to the left.

It’s all a game developed by the president’s Alinskyite (and socialist) organizing mentors. We either scale back government and the power of public employee unions, or we move toward a structurally higher tax burden and a permanently enlarged welfare state. The very nature of the American system is now at stake.

The Damage Obama Has Done
Here is a chart which all of us should read and absorb, sobering though it may be.

State Department Is AWOL on Religious Liberties By Ken Blackwell – American Spectator
If the Obama Administration is working to promote religious freedom across the globe at all, it’s not working very hard. Mr. Mussa’s plight is a case in point. The United States has spent billions of dollars and thousands of lives to liberate the Afghan people from the Taliban’s theocratic tyranny, yet Christians and other religious minorities are frequently harassed and jailed for exercising a core right in any free and democratic state.

Shock poll: ‘Birthers’ rule
– WorldNetDaily
Astonishing number of citizens don’t believe president’s story. A new poll is shocking the political powers in Washington with indication that only 3 in 10 members of the GOP believe that Barack Obama was born in the United States.

Photo shows Obama at dinner with Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg
Others attending the dinner included Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

The Real Revolution Has Begun By J. Robert Smith – American Thinker
Boy, did Democrats misread their mandate!  With very little hindsight needed, it’s apparent to all but ideologically-blinkered liberals that the Democrats’ gross overreach isn’t what voters wanted or expected. Two years of Obama-Reid-Pelosi overreach and excesses may have been the table-setter for the real revolution now unfolding.


Soros: Rupert Murdoch and Fox are Like Nazis, Tea Partiers are Being Deceived and Misled
– Newsbusters

Telling: Far-left Petitions to Preserve NPR’s Federal Funding
– Newsbusters
National Public Radio’s continued efforts to present itself as a politically-neutral news operation may suffer a bit from one of the organization’s endorsements: that of the far-left activist group