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Compiled by Steve Jalsevac

The Tea Party’s Achilles’ Heel By Yuval Levin, Peter Wehner
A posture of bold fiscal conservatism simply isn’t compatible with timid evasions on Medicare reform.

Does the Tea Party Have a Religion Problem? – First Things

Raging At The Dying Of Their Light By Clarice Feldman
Certainly, it’s no secret that the left regularly attacks those who disagree with them as stupid; At the Telegraph the suggestion is that the tea party has proven to be the harbinger of a world wide movement to reduce government control and expenditures:

Tea Party Movement as Large as Nation’s Entire Liberal Population, Say Gallup Polls
The percentage of Americans who expressly state that they are supporters of the Tea Party movement is currently about as large at 22 percent of the population as the 21 percent who say they are liberals, according to recent but separate Gallup polls. Meanwhile, at 41 percent of the population, according to Gallup, self-described conservatives outnumber both Tea Party movement supporters and liberals by nearly 2-to-1.

Sen. Kerry Asks Media to Stop Giving ‘Equal Time or Equal Balance’ to ‘Absurd’ Tea Party Ideas By Noel Sheppard

Unhinged: Times’ Maureen Dowd Excoriates ‘Cannibal’ ‘Vampire’ Tea Partiers By Scott Whitlock

Incivility at the Tea Party By George Neumayr
Others described them as muggers, carjackers, jihadists, suicide bombers, and hostage takers. The assumption underlying these insults is that the Tea Party harbors an extreme and lawless ideology. In reality, it merely proposes fiscal prudence and respect for the law and Constitution. The recklessness in U.S. politics comes not from the Tea Party but from the establishment as it runs up trillions of dollars in debt.