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US CCHD Controversy

A New Catholic Church Abortion Scandal
Secular liberal media outlets will not tell the story when the American bishops allow the donations of Catholics to be diverted to fund abortion-rights activism. Did the bishops know. If they didn’t know, why didn’t they pay more attention? Once they were told, why did they do nothing? Clergy and laity alike should demand an independent investigation to determine how this moral corruption has happened.

It is Time to Start Answering the Questions about the Catholic Campaign for Human Development
The issue we, along with others, are raising is simple. Money donated by an “official” entity of the Church should not be used to work against the teachings of the Church.

Why Did the USCCB Join This Civil Rights Organization? by Deal W. Hudson 
The question naturally arises: Why did the bishops' conference join this The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (LCCHR)? When LCCHR staff sit in front of a member of Congress, they can legitimately  say they are representing the Catholic bishops. There is nothing ambiguous about LCCHR's lobbying activity on behalf of abortion, same-sex marriage, and “family planning.”

A New Abortion Scandal by Brent Bozell
Catholics must stop funding the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

Is It Time For A Catholic Tea Party? by Deal W. Hudson

Dissident National Catholic Reporter and Catholic Online editors clash over Deal Hudson


Keeping the Faith – Dominican Sisters on Oprah – links to three fascinating video excepts from program included within article

Is the L’Osservatore Romano more trouble than it’s worth? by Thomas Peters

Cardinal Schonborn – Christianity “Dying in Europe”
He went on to say  Europe was now the least religious region in the world.  According to Cardinal Schonborn the culture of consumerism has led to an alarming fall in birthrates and begs the question “Is Europe Dying”. He said the population of Europe was  “selfish” and he called the declining birthrates the moral equivalent of climate change.

Sexual abuse charges at Jesuit schools shock Germany

German bishops’ assembly to discuss aging population

Dublin's Archbishop Martin rejects complaints about his stand on abuse

Philippine prelate blasts pro-abortion candidates, US promotion of population control

Church in Costa Rica stripped of right to approve religion teachers

National Puzzling Breakfast

A Christian Revolution, Not a Conservative One! Deal W. Hudson

Canon lawyer sees Albany diocesan needle program as formal cooperation with evil

The never ending saga of the Legion of Christ and their disgraced founder, Marcial Maciel. Can it get any weirder?

*Pope strips Life Teen founder of priesthood

Fr. Thomos Reese in San Francisco – The Heretical Mind Finds a Home

As the Irish bishops prepare for a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI, John Allen writes in the Irish Times  that they should learn from the painful experiences of their American counterparts. One important lesson, Allen argues, is that bishops must accept their own responsibility for the abuse problem, rather than attempting to shift responsibility to Rome or find some explanation in Vatican policies.

Warn public of ‘condom failure,’ says bishop
Just as cigarette labels warn of health risks, condom packets should contain a warning that they may not be an effective tool against the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), a Roman Catholic bishop said Tuesday.

Catholics Aged 18-29 Overwhelmingly Subscribe to Moral Relativism
The Knights of Columbus have just released the results of a study examining the spirituality of Millennials—young adults between the ages of 18-29. Given the option of saying morals are “fixed and based on unchanging standards,” about 82 percent of young Catholics said that morals are relative. Only 20 percent of Catholic Millennials said sexual relations between an unmarried man and woman are wrong, while almost four in ten said they are acceptable. About 35 percent of young Catholics said homosexual relations are morally wrong, but slightly more said they are acceptable.

Vodou Priest proves Robertson was right

Tension among Haiti's religions grows after quake

UN Reaches Out to Voodoo Priests
The United Nations has reached out to the vast and influential network of about 60,000 voodoo priests in Haiti to help count the dead, tend to the injured, and soothe the psychologically damaged.

The Coming Open Rebellion Against God
As we can see battle lines are being drawn between those who either hate God, pretend He doesn’t exist or those who are believers. There really isn’t any room for middle ground here

Pope: St. Francis the model for dialogue with Muslims

Lahore, Muslim lawyers will “burn alive” anyone who defends murdered 12 year old Christian
Because of the threats posed by the powerful Lahore Bar Association – an umbrella organization of city lawyers – no Christian or Muslim lawyer is ready to take on the defence in the murder of 12 year-old Shazia Bashir,-Muslim-lawyers-will-burn-alive-anyone-who-defends-murdered-12-year-old-Christian-17559.html

UK: Christian teacher “forced out” after complaining about Muslim students who praised 9/11 jihadists and shouted out their hatred for Jews and Christians