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(LifeSiteNews) — President Joe Biden is experiencing “cognitive collapse,” according to Newt Gingrich, leading the former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives to conclude that Barack Obama is likely now the  “driving force behind the Biden Administration.”

“He’s clearly in cognitive decline,” Gingrich observed in a Fox News interview. “It makes me wonder ‘who’s making the real decisions at the White House’ because obviously Joe Biden is not. He’s not capable of it.”

‘This is much more an Obama Administration than a Biden Administration’

Asked by host Pete Hegseth who in fact is in charge, Gingrich answered without hesitation, “My personal guess is that the driving force behind the Biden Administration is Barack Obama.”

“Obama is the only president since Woodrow Wilson to stay in Washington,” Gingrich said. “Obama is here all the time.”

Gingrich noted that while Wilson had to stay in D.C. because he could not be moved from the city after a stroke, Obama clearly had other reasons for remaining. While he initially claimed it was so his daughter could complete her senior year at the prestigious Sidwell Friends High School, the Obamas have continued on in their luxurious residence in the tony Kalorama neighborhood, less than 2 miles from the White House.

“Obama’s staff literally permeates the Biden Administration,” Gingrich explained, adding:

If you watch the [Biden] Administration, it’s much more an Obama Administration than, say, the Joe Biden of 10 or 15 years ago. This is a very radical, very left-wing administration, deeply dedicated to policies that are close to crazy.

Their electric car policy is a disaster. As President Trump said today, it’s going to destroy at least a hundred thousand jobs and will achieve nothing in the long run.

Their policies across the board … the idea that they might propose that Americans be limited to two beers per week …

This is the kind of petty, nanny state interference that most Americans will find crazy.

Biden’s cognitive decline: ‘Half the time he’s just not there’

“I thought his performance in Maui was so bad, he was so clearly out of it, that frankly I think it’s frightening,” Gingrich said. “This is not about politics and scoring points. This is the Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful military in the world. And it’s clear that at least half the time he’s just not there.”

“Month by month, his cognitive collapse is more and more obvious,” he added. “The Associated Press just reported that 77% of all Americans — Democrats, Republicans, Independents — now believe that Biden is too old to run for reelection. I suspect by next summer that number will be in the 90s, because once this starts, it’s just going to get steadily worse.”

“President Joe Biden is in severe decline, evidenced by his numerous public falls and repeated inability to coherently communicate,” The Federalist’s Jordan Boyd wrote. “The Democrat’s public displays of clumsiness have left the White House scrambling to cover up his physical and mental incompetencies.”

“Even though he slurred and stumbled his way into the White House, corporate media took Biden’s promise that he was receiving consistent cognitive decline testing as fact. When Biden refused to take a cognitive test on the 2020 campaign trail, the press hardly uttered a word. One ABC reporter went so far as to claim that criticism aimed at Biden’s decline is Russian propaganda.

Trump’s mind versus Biden’s

During Trump’s presidency, corporate media constantly suggested that his mind was prone to failing and questioned whether he should be removed from office. The same U.S. media outlets continue to mostly overlook or excuse Biden’s elderly tumbles, gaffes, and blank stares.

A recent video report from Sky News Australia, however, pulled no punches: “We’ve become accustomed to ‘trainwreck gaffes,’ stumbles, and mumbles from the President.”

Trump “faced questions and doubts from corporate media outlets like NPR when he declared in 2020 that he ‘aced’ his most recent cognitive test,” Boyd wrote. “Their speculation on Trump’s competency fueled Democrat-led discussions on using the 25th Amendment to force a transfer of power if Trump died or was ever deemed incapacitated.”

“Trump was never the mental and physical liability NPR and other outlets tried to lead Americans to believe. Biden, whom media like NPR bend over backward to vindicate, is a liability,” Boyd concluded. “Biden’s mental and physical decline has already threatened national security.”