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(LifeSiteNews) — A young NFL quarterback who encouraged members of the media to see the anti-child-sex-trafficking movie “Sound of Freedom” faced backlash from some liberal fans who called him everything from a “Conservative Christian nutjob” to a “brainwashed idiot.”

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa told reporters during a press conference that the “Sound of Freedom is good.”

“Yeah, ‘Sound of Freedom is definitely really good,” he re-emphasized. “You should watch that, especially you guys with kids.”

Liberal fans enraged

Perhaps because of the movie’s great success, it has been the object of derision by liberal media outlets and, apparently, some NFL fans.

“NO! WHY WOULD YOU DESTROY YOUR BRAND LIKE THIS! NOW I WILL ACTIVELY ENJOY WATCHING YOU FAIL THIS SEASON!” screamed one X user in all CAPS.  “…Mfer has one too many concussions in a season and came out a Qanoner lol.”

“[L]iterally any movie that came out this year would’ve been fine…Or at least do what 31 other starting QBs do…not open their mouths and let everyone know what absolute bat sh*t insane Republicans they are,” cried another social media critic.  “Now I won’t even feel bad watching him cost the dolphins this year.”

“I will absolutely admit that as a lifelong Dolphins fan, & a big Tua fan, that Tua’s comments were not only disappointing but demoralizing & concerning. Sound of Freedom has exploited religious people during its entire run. It’s horrible that he is just another brainwashed idiot,” wrote another unhappy liberal Dolphins fan.

“I just block it in my mind that I spend countless hours a year analyzing a position where 75% of the guys are Conservative Christian nutjobs,” said yet another offended by the morals of Christian and conservative athletes.

Sound of Freedom, surprise hit of the summer season

Sound of Freedom,” is a brilliant – albeit heart-wrenching – movie based on the true story of former CIA agent, Tim Ballard, who quit his job a decade ago in order to rescue countless innocent children ensnared in the horrific underworld of child sex-trafficking.

The film continues to be the surprise success of the movie industry’s summer season. As of this writing, “Sound of Freedom” has earned over $175 million and ranks sixth, beating out intended but lackluster big-studio blockbuster franchises “Indiana Jones” (Walt Disney Studios), “Mission Impossible” and “Transformers” (both Paramount Pictures).

The film’s star, Jim Caviezel, has said that he hopes that “Sound of Freedom” will be “the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of 21st century slavery.”

The unspeakable evil of child sexual exploitation where an estimated two million kids – toddlers, 4- and 5-year-olds through young teens – around the world are raped, sodomized, tortured, and threatened with death many times per day by depraved adults is not far away from any of us. It’s a multibillion-dollar industry and, to our great shame, the United States is the industry’s biggest consumer.

A strong foundation of faith

The 25-year-old raised in Hawaii by his devout Samoan parents has never shied away from speaking about his Christian faith.

“The greatest gift that God could’ve ever given us was his son,” proclaimed the young quarterback in a 2020 700 Club interview, shortly after graduating from the University of Alabama.

“It’s not just a matter of hearing what Jesus Christ is,” Tagovailoa continued, “it’s a matter of getting to know who Jesus Christ is. To really understand and really feel the identity of who you are because of things that He’s done. And I’d say you can only find your identity through Him, if you know Him.”