ST. JOHN’S, August 27, 2003 ( – Rev. Paul Lundrigan, a Catholic priest who was publicly reprimanded by his bishop for a homily contrary to the Church’s teaching on homosexual unions, has told the Globe and Mail he maintains his stand against the church teaching.  However, he said he would now remain silent on the issue from the pulpit so as to be able to maintain his role as priest and “reform” the church from within.  Last week, St. John’s Archbishop Brendan O’Brien publicly said Fr. Lundrigan’s homily was “totally unacceptable for a pastor.”  The priest told the Globe and Mail, “The bishop has silenced me and censored me and told me not to speak about this issue.  It’s either the party line, or say nothing at all.”  Fr. Lundrigan remains firm in his stance against Catholic teaching on the matter and unapologetic for his dissent. “I felt it needed to be addressed,” he said. “I’ve never retracted what I said. The statement stands.”  However, he said he will refrain from speaking again on the matter from the pulpit adding, “I see there’s a need for reform. I don’t want to walk away from it now.”  It remains to be seen what other actions the bishop will take against Lundrigan’s emphatic defiance of Church moral teaching and the problematic spiritual direction he is likely to give to individuals.

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