ST. CATHARINES, Ontario, September 24, 2013 ( – Heavy rain didn’t dampen the spirits of about 60 Niagara-area youths who participated in a “living abortion memorial” this weekend. 

The young people gave up their Saturday to hold 100 white crosses representing the 100,000 babies whose lives are snuffed out by abortion every year in Canada in what organizers called a “dramatic and informative, mobile, pro-life display.” 

The teens stood in a long line along the busy street between the crosses as living witnesses to the massive death toll caused by abortion. Along with the crosses, hand held signs read: “Each cross represents 1000 unborn children aborted every year in Canada.”

One participant, Jack, said he came out to hold a white cross to “make people more aware” about the reality of abortion in Canada, and to “remember all these people whose lives are cut short even before they had a chance to begin their life.” 

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Another named Samantha said she came out to “show the world that abortion is wrong.” She hoped that her witness would provide an occasion for people to discuss “what abortion really is, that it is murder.” 

The event, organized by the Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) — and part of the national campaign — was held consecutively at three high profile locations in Welland, St. Catharines, and Grimsby. The youths traveled by bus to each location where they witnessed for about an hour. Participants were treated to a barbecue dinner and fellowship at the end of the day. 

Organizer Ralph Vis told that the event demonstrates that young people are concerned about abortion. 

ARPA used white crosses to dramatic effect in a 2011 memorial constructed of hay bales, in the shape of bleachers, in which the crosses were planted. Township officials targeted the memorial at that time, saying that it violated zoning and signage regulations.