MANAGUA, July 27, 2004 ( – Nicaraguan Deputy Jamileth Bonilla of the conservative ruling Liberal Constitutional Party (PLC) has announced that her party will push for the closing of a loophole in the pro-life legislation which allows for “therapeutic” abortions.  In comments to the Inter Press Service, she said it “should be made a criminal act”.  The move comes after feminist groups used the tragic rape, and subsequent pregnancy of a nine year old girl to push for legalization of abortion.  The child referred to as Rosita eventually did get an abortion even though it was deemed illegal since the danger to her wellbeing from the abortion (at 17 weeks gestation) was determined to be equal to that of her carrying the child to term.

The case remains mired in controversy since the abortionists, who received permission to abort the child from the step father, destroyed the baby’s remains.  Thus there is no evidence to identify the rapist, and the step father is a suspect in the case.  The Catholic Bishops of Nicaragua announced after the abortion that those who pushed her abortion were excommunicated.  See related coverage:  QUESTIONS STILL UNANSWERED IN CASE OF NINE-YEAR-OLD NICARAGUAN RAPE VICTIM NICARAGUAN GIRL, 9, RECEIVES ABORTION   jhw