MANAGUA, February 24, 2003 ( – The pregnant nine-year-old Nicaraguan girl whose parents lobbied hard for Nicaraguan officials to authorize an abortion of their unborn grandchild, has now had the abortion, a pro-abortion group reported on Friday. Nicaraguan Health Secretary Lucia Salvo, who supported the action, described the child’s condition as “stable.” The parents said the girl was raped in Costa Rica. Nicaragua’s Family Ministry said it would prosecute anyone who helped the family obtain an abortion. The Roman Catholic Cardinal-Archbishop of Managua also tried to dissuade the family, offering to protect the girl and her baby. But Violeta Delgado, a spokeswoman for the Organization of Women Against Violence, said three doctors contacted the family and volunteered to perform the abortion. Meanwhile, Jorge Solorzano, auxiliary bishop for the Roman Catholic Church’s Managua diocese, said Saturday that the church “will punish this deliberate abortion with excommunication, not only for the mother and the doctor, but for all of those who helped commit this crime against human life.” For newswire coverage: and: For related coverage: NICARAGUA BOARD RULES ABORTION FOR 9-YEAR-OLD IS SAME RISK AS BIRTH