ABUJA, Nigeria, October 4, 2012, ( – The Association of Catholic Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (ACMPN) condemned a recent USAID initiative to provide more than $8 million to the country for the establishment of abortion clinics and human egg-harvesting centers in Nigeria.

A resolution passed at the association’s general meeting held on September 30 called for a plan of action “to counter this aggressive anti-Life mission sponsored by the United States’ Obama administration,” a press release from the group says.

“The ACMPN adopted a Resolution to condemn this action by USAID,” the doctors’ association states, “underscoring its anti-Life purpose and the illegality it constitutes under the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

The USAID funding is being made available through a partnership agreement with Diamond Bank Nigeria Plc, which will disburse loans specifically targeted to “so-called reproductive health care services in Nigeria, including abortion clinics and human-egg pouching fertility clinics,” under a program tagged “Diamond MediLoan.”

Of great concern to the doctors is the illegal harvesting and trafficking of human eggs from Nigerian women.

The group cites an EU Policy report that implicates Nigerian fertility clinics, the Danish network Nordica, and International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) for human ova trafficking from Africa to Europe and America for stem cell research.

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“The inclusion of fertility clinics in the list of those receiving United States government funds through USAID is a direct funding of human-egg trafficking and human embryo trafficking, in the rising trans-Atlantic biological slave trade sponsored by biotechnology conglomerates (Bill Gates Foundation, Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, Rockefeller Foundation, etc.),” said Dr. Philip C. Njemanze, chairman of the ACMPN and of the African Anti-Abortion Coalition.

The Catholic doctors association says it plans to mobilize doctors and other health professionals to reject the Mediloan, and also create public awareness across all the Catholic dioceses in Nigeria for ordinary people to reject all services from any facilities established with assistance of the Diamond Bank Mediloan.

“Doctors who are Knights of St Mulumba, Knights of St John, and the Catholic Volunteer Apostolate have undertaken to hold state-wide and nationwide sensitization programs to educate doctors and the Nigerian public at large on the deleterious devastating impact this program would have on Nigerians,” the group says. “Members were designated to inform members of the Guild of Doctors, Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) and Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (AGPMPN).”

The caregivers’ group is supporting a Personhood Bill proposed by pro-life organizations in Nigeria.

The proposed bill seeks to add a “sanctity of life from conception” amendment to the nation’s constitution, regardless if conception took place by IVF or natural means, and to make human egg and embryo trafficking equivalent to the crime of human trafficking.

“We must all push for a complete ban on IVF procedures in all African countries, as a necessary measure of national security in each country, and to stop the pressure by biotechnology conglomerates. We call on the government to take decisive action to terminate the USAID program immediately,” the ACMPN concluded.