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(LifeSiteNews) — Sesame Street characters ElmoOscar, and Big Bird used their Twitter feeds this past weekend to support Pfizer’s recently FDA-approved experimental COVID jab for children ages 5-12.

The characters released their tweets in tandem with Sesame Street’s “The ABCs of Covid Vaccines — A CNN/Sesame Street Town Hall for Families.” The episode is a special presentation conducted by CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Erica Hill that aired Saturday morning, November 6.

According to CNN, the town hall “builds on Sesame Workshop’s Caring for Each Other initiative,” a seemingly innocuous internet resource developed to provide Sesame Street-approved medical advice and coping information to families regarding COVID-19 and its effects.

Despite evidence that the vaccines are medically unsafe and unnecessary for children, Sesame Street and the Caring for Each Other initiative unhesitatingly promoted the vaccine: “Getting a COVID vaccine is a great way to stay healthy,” says Hill, less than a minute into the Town Hall. “You know,” Gupta elaborated, “COVID vaccines are now available for children five years and older. And the more people who get them, the better we’re going to be able to help stop the spread of COVID and keep everyone healthy.”

His response demonstrated that the show and CNN continue to ignore increasing amounts of data and the CDC’s own admission that Covid vaccines do not prevent Covid transmission. Elmo thanked Dr. Gupta for the information.

Dr. Gupta’s appearance on the Sesame Street special comes at a time in which he is attempting to rebuild his and CNN’s credibility after a largely disastrous interview with popular podcaster Joe Rogan.

In the interview, Rogan called Gupta to account for his network’s defamation of him and the mis-characterization of ivermectin as a mere ‘horse-dewormer’ rather than a reliable and effective treatment for Covid.

“My point is you’re working for a news organization,” Rogan elaborated. “If they’re lying about a comedian taking horse medication, what are they telling us about Russia? What are they telling us about Syria? Do you understand that that’s why people get concerned about the veracity of the news?”

Those who expressed disgust over the Sesame Street characters’ virtue signaling on Covid vaccines were quickly mocked  for daring to criticize them. The show’s track record, however, demonstrates a commitment to shape public opinion by leveraging its characters’ innocence on a largely unsuspecting audience.

This is not Sesame Street’s first time advocating for vaccines or for promoting the left’s radical social agenda. The use of Muppets to shape the culture and public thought is by design. A recent example of the show’s coordinated aim to manage and reset expectations came from a cross-dressing Gonzo, who is now vaunted by LGBT activists as a ‘non-binary icon’: “You all expected me to look a certain way. I don’t want you to be upset with me, but I don’t want to do things because that’s the way they’ve always been done either. I want to be me.”