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(LifeSiteNews) — A total of nine abortion centers, making up half of the killing centers in the state of Pennsylvania, failed a health inspection in 2023, according to information made public by the state’s Department of Health.

The nonprofit group Pennsylvania Family Institute (PA Family) published a report on December 8 detailing public information about how half of the state’s abortion facilities failed health inspections during this year. The report emphasized that, during 2023, “the majority of women who had an elective abortion in Pennsylvania did so at a facility that failed at least one state health inspection conducted this year.”

PA Family also noted that abortion providers in the state have “faced zero fines or penalties by state agencies as a result of failed inspections.” Pennsylvania law allows elective abortion up to 24 weeks’ gestation and later if deemed “medically necessary” to spare the mother’s health or life.

“Health inspection results for abortion facilities, which are rightly classified as Ambulatory Surgical Facilities, are provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Health,” PA Family’s report states before detailing the mistakes made by the nine centers.

The facilities that failed inspection are Allentown Women’s Center; Philadelphia Women’s Center; Planned Parenthood Lancaster; Planned Parenthood Norristown; Planned Parenthood Philadelphia, Comly Road; Planned Parenthood Philadelphia, Locust Street; Planned Parenthood Reading; Planned Parenthood Wilkes Barre and Planned Parenthood York.

Planned Parenthoods in Norristown and Reading “failed to approve credentialing of abortionists” in March and April, respectively, and the Reading facility also “failed to complete annual performance evaluations for all abortionists” in June. On two separate occasions in March and June, Planned Parenthood York was found to have evaded performance evaluations for three of its four abortionists as well as being responsible for a “substantiated” accusation that the center had “failed to report a serious event.”

In August, the Philadelphia Women’s Center violated multiple reporting requirements under the annual survey including “ensur[ing] the findings of tissue analysis in an abortion performed after the first trimester,” failing to analyze the remains of a 15-week-old aborted child as mandated, discharging patients without a “signed order of a practitioner” and “fail[ing] to document postoperative anesthesia recovery evaluation.”

The Planned Parenthood on Comly Road in Philadelphia was found to have omitted required anesthesia documentation, certifying its recovery room nurse, “failed to have a sanitary environment” for storing the remains of aborted babies and did not screen staff for tuberculosis. Philadelphia’s second Planned Parenthood facility, on Locust Street, did not disclose to patients the possibility of needing hospitalization after an abortion or document blood pressure and oxygen levels for women under sedatives.

In September, the Planned Parenthood in Lancaster “failed to have updated Certification of Clinical Privileges forms for one of four abortionists” and Allentown Women’s Center was “caught using ketamine as a general anesthetic.” Most recently, in October, the Planned Parenthood facility in Wilkes Barre “failed to document informed consent for minors.”

“Gov. [Josh] Shapiro’s administration claims abortion ‘remains safe’ in Pennsylvania, but not only is abortion unsafe for the unborn baby being aborted or for women facing complications from their abortion and post-abortion trauma, it’s unsafe for women when half of PA’s abortion facilities are failing health inspections,” PA Family director of communications Dan Bartkowiak said.

He pointed out that the pro-abortion Shapiro is actively working to shut down pro-life pregnancy centers but “has done nothing to address the severe infractions by abortion centers outlined in these failed inspections.” PA Family’s report comes months after Shapiro announced plans to end all state and taxpayer funding for pro-life alternatives to abortion by the end of 2023.