TRENTON, New Jersey, February 8, 2011 ( – Governor Chris Christie, of New Jersey, vetoed a health care bill last week that would have restored taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood facilities.


Bill A3273 would have expanded New Jerseys’ Medicaid program, essentially reversing action Christie took in July 2010 to ensure $7.5 million in taxpayer money would not go to supporting “family planning” clinics, most of which are run by Planned Parenthood.

“In Fiscal year 2012, it is anticipated that the state’s Medicaid program faces a budget shortfall of $1.1 billion,’’ said Governor Christie in a statement.  Expanding Medicaid to more people “does not make sense from an overall fiscal and health care policy perspective,’’ he said.

Christie’s veto to Bill A3273 came only two days after pro-life group Live Action released video footage of a sting on a New Jersey Planned Parenthood facility.  The footage showed a Planned Parenthood staff member going out of her way to aid and abet the sex trafficking of minors. The staffer was subsequently fired over the incident.

Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose commended Christie for axing the bill, particularly in light of the Live Action video. “This disgusting footage shows why government should be shutting these clinics down, not propping them up with public funds,” McHose said.

While the funds would go to 58 family planning clinics across the state, Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain, runs 29 of the facilities.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins applauded Christie for his veto.  “I commend Governor Chris Christie for refusing to underwrite the apparent criminal behavior of Planned Parenthood.  His commitment to both human dignity and fiscal responsibility deserve high praise,” said Perkins.

“As the unethical and illegal activities of Planned Parenthood continue to be exposed, the pressure will build not only here in Washington but in states across the nation to end taxpayer subsidies to the nation’s largest abortion organization.”

New Jersey Right to Life also praised Christie.  “We thank Governor Christie for vetoing this bill.”

“In vetoing this bill, Governor Christie has ensured that NJ taxpayers will not be complicit in the sexual abuse and exploitation of poor women and minors under the pretence of ‘women’s health.’”

Governor Christie attended the New Jersey March for Life last month, where he assured attendees that the pro-life movement has an ally in the governor’s office.