ROCKFORD, Illinois, November 15, 2011 ( – A second telephone hearing with state officials has left the notoriously bizarre and anti-Christian Rockford abortion facility without a license to practice for at least the next two weeks.

The call was scheduled Monday in hopes of reaching a settlement after Illinois investigators uncovered the Northern Illinois Women’s Center’s filthy and illegal medical practices, leading to the suspension of its license in September.


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Kevin Rilott, a veteran Rockford pro-lifer, said that attorneys on the call said more time was needed to agree on aspects of a potential settlement, and scheduled another hearing for Nov 28.

“As a result, the Northern Illinois Women’s Center will be closed for at least two more weeks, with the possible result being a few dozen children’s lives could be saved!” wrote Rilott on his blog.

If a settlement still is not reached, he said, a full hearing is scheduled for Jan 4.

The report by the Illinois Department of Public Health in August revealed that investigators found not only “a brown substance” staining surgical equipment, some of which are used directly inside patients’ bodies, but evidence that even sterilized equipment had been cleaned with a broken machine that was never satisfactorily repaired. 

In addition to its health violations, the facility is known for routinely displaying anti-Christian symbols, such as a nun in a coffin and a crucified rubber chicken, in its windows.