By Peter J. Smith 
  KALAMAZOO, Michigan, April 5, 2007 ( – Law enforcement and Child Protection Services (CPS) in Kalamazoo have declined to investigate at least ten cases of possible child-rape unreported by a local abortion clinic.

  Veteran pro-life sidewalk counselor Anne Norton says she has gathered copious amounts of evidence which she claims proves that Planned Parenthood of South Central Michigan in Kalamazoo has been complicit in covering-up child rape cases by failing to report statutory rape of underage girls.

  Norton has documented at least 10 cases of young girls under 16 (the age of consent in Michigan), who were taken to the Planned Parenthood clinic for pregnancy tests or abortions.

  What startles Norton is the reluctance of law enforcement and child protection services to investigate these well-documented allegations of child rape. Norton, who has gathered names of victims, spoken with their families, and other evidence has not been able to move either CPS or Kalamazoo police to action.

  In one particular case in November 2005, Norton witnessed an 11-year-old African American girl taken into the Kalamazoo abortion clinic for a pregnancy test, where she tested positive. Norton interviewed the girl’s mother, collected witness statements, sworn affidavits, and other evidence but authorities were reluctant to investigate the sexual assault and bring to justice the perpetrator of this heinous crime against the little girl.

  Michigan’s Child Protection Law of 1975 requires clinic personnel to make an oral report to authorities of suspected child abuse within 24 hours followed by a written report in 72 hours specified under section 722.623. However, Norton says that authorities have confirmed that the Kalamazoo abortion clinic failed their legal obligation to make any report of possible child rape.

  The incidence should have been enough to warrant an investigation by police or CPS. Under the same section in Michigan law it is stated: “The pregnancy of a child less than 12 years of age is reasonable cause to suspect child abuse and neglect have occurred.”

  However, Norton has received no traction for an investigation. CPS told her that they required a police report in order to begin an investigation. The police department told her that they needed the location of the crime in order to proceed.

“The fact is that it’s an under age girl going into reproductive health services and when they’re telling me verbatim, ‘Yes,  I am here for birth control or Yes, I am here for an abortion, or yes, I am here for a pregnancy test; that alone is enough evidence for them to investigate. But they’re playing politics; they don’t want to get involved.”

  Neither CPS nor the department of public safety returned phone calls from Patricia Pettinga, Director of Development and Public Relations at the Planned Parenthood South Central Michigan, has denied Norton’s allegations.

“This is all very highly confidential we don’t share information about our clients at all, their age, their situation and we always act appropriately and legally in any situation. Whatever Ann Norton is claming she can’t possibly know because she has no idea who we serve” Pettinga said.

  However, when pressed further by about the clinic’s procedures in reporting cases of statutory rape and child abuse as required by Michigan law, Pettinga said she would defer to someone else in the clinic who could quote “chapter and verse.” However, after placing on hold for several minutes, Pettinga reneged and said no one from the clinic would comment any further on their procedures.

  The financial consequences to Planned Parenthood are severe if abortion clinics are found disobeying state law.  According to Mark Crutcher, chief of LifeDynamics, not only would they lose taxpayer Title X funds, which in recent years have totaled $280 million nationwide, they would lose also the business of child predators who are confident the abortion clinics will not report them.

“What you heard from the situation in Kalamazoo is exactly the way they handle these things,” said Crutcher. “I’ve said this on the O”reilly Factor, I’ve said this on national news, and probably about 200 talk shows I’ve done on this issue, and I’ll say it again, Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation are operating a national wide pedophile protection racket and they are protecting the men who rape children and if that were not true they would have sued me the day after I said it the first time.”

  To contact CPS:
  Children Protective Services
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  Telephone: (269) 337-5046

  To contact Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox:

  Mike Cox
  Office of the Attorney General
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