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WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) – A pro-abortion activist who chained himself to a fence outside the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) said there will be no federal charges against him.

Guido Reichstadter “hopped over the barricades” outside the SCOTUS building, according to The Daily Wire, and “chained himself to the unscalable fence surrounding the Supreme Court using a bike lock and chain.”

“I am not letting my daughter’s rights be taken away by this unelected, unaccountable Supreme Court,” Reichstadter yelled during his protest on June 6. But he will not face any federal charges, according to comments he gave the Daily Wire on Monday.

“In the morning, they gave me a pre-hearing interview, and I was supposed to have a hearing with a judge at 9 o’clock, then they sent me back in the cell, and by 12 o’clock, they let me know that the charges had been dropped,” the abortion activist told the Daily Wire.

He told Mary Margaret Olohan with the Daily Wire that he believed he would not be charged because law enforcement wanted to do “damage control.”

“While I was [at] the bottom of the Supreme Court, I heard the police talking. They said, ‘oh, this has gone viral on Twitter already,’ so maybe it was the public perception that it’s not a good look for the mayor to be imprisoning a father fighting for his daughter’s rights,” he said.

He said he believes that D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser intervened to get charges dropped. The Daily Wire did not receive a response to this claim from the mayor’s office. LifeSiteNews asked Bowser’s communications director LaToya Foster and Susana Castillo, her press secretary, to respond to the claims but did not receive a response to a Wednesday morning inquiry.

The arrest has not deterred Reichstadter from calling for further “civil disobedience.”

“The Supreme Court is expected to strike down abortion rights [sic] for millions of women this month. I refuse to go along with this and I am prepared to do whatever it nonviolently takes to bring the attack on abortion rights to a halt,” he wrote on his Facebook on June 9. “There is a way to call the millions of passive supporters of abortion rights into active support capable of halting this attack.”

“It’s called nonviolent civil disobedience, and it was how the movement for civil rights in the US was won,” he wrote. “It involves hundreds and thousands of people voluntarily breaking the law, facing state repression and going to jail.”

Meanwhile, nine pro-lifers face 11 years in prison for blocking the entrance to a Washington, D.C. abortion facility in October 2020 in a traditional “rescue.” The Biden Department of Justice convened a secret grand jury to review the charges, swearing the jury in February 15, 2022 and filing their indictment March 24, 2022.

The charges came shortly before one of the rescuers, Lauren Handy, announced she had recovered the bodies of five full-term aborted babies in Washington, D.C. who appear to have been subjected to the illegal partial-birth abortion technique.

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