By Hilary White

PARIS, September 8, 2006 ( – French interior minister and presidential candidate, Nicolas Sarközy, has infuriated homosexual political activists by insisting that his government would outlaw same-sex “marriage” and prohibit homosexual partners from adopting children.

Speaking to Le Figaro, Sarközy, head of the conservative Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) said he was opposed to any form of discrimination, and favours financial equivalence for homosexual couples in taxes and inheritance, the needs of children must be considered in adoption.

“Our model,” he said, “must remain that of a heterosexual family: children need a father and a mother.”

Known for being outspoken and frank in his views, a contrast with other French politicians, Sarközy has also proposed democratic reforms of the European Commission and is the unannounced leader of the right in France.

Most analysts consider that Sarközy and Socialist former government minister Segolene Royal are the two main contenders for the presidency. Sarközy is loathed on the left, not least for his call to critically examine the legacy of secularism in France. He has suggested that government fund religious works in France in a way similar to the US scheme for funding “faith-based” social programs.

He has also called for a revisiting of the 1905 law mandating absolute separation of Church and state saying that French youth have no values.

The leading candidate on the left, socialist Segolene Royal, has vowed to legalize gay “marriage” should her party win the 2007 election, effectively polarizing French opinion on the issue.

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