By Hilary White

FLORIANA, November 25, 2005 ( – The Catholic bishops of the tiny Mediterranean island nation of Malta have issued a letter pleading for the retention of traditional moral values and opposing the push to include homosexual partnerings into the legal definition of marriage.

The bishops’ statement calls the meaning and nature of natural marriage, “an evident truth and an undeniable fact.”

They write, “The word ‘marriage’ does not just mean any relationship between two human beings, but means a union between a man and a woman for reasons determined by nature itself.”

The Maltese bishops reiterate the confidence expressed by many who have said that no matter what legal fictions are created, marriage will remain what it truly is. “No ideology, has the power to erase from humans the certainty that marriage exists solely between a man and a woman, who through their personal gift to one another, which they give to each other in a proper and exclusive way, work towards the holiness of both of them and cooperate with God in the procreation and formation of new human lives.”

The bishops were addressing not only those Maltese who are Catholics or even Christians but “also those who have at heart and defend the common good, that is the dignity of marriage, the foundation and stability of the family, and the well-being of society.”

The imposition of “gay marriage” and the general acceptance of homosexuality along with legalized abortion and divorce constitute the cornerstones of an international effort to demolish Christian values in the west and impose a new radical secular world order into what was once called Christendom.

Malta Gay Rights Movement (MGRM) has for some time been pressuring the government to impose gay unions on the country, but Maltese sources say that it is not entirely a homegrown phenomenon.

The MGRM is only a small part of the machinery of an international movement of pressure groups who have been working to impose the same secularist and leftist social re-engineering project that has been nearly completed in Canada, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The results in those countries of this project have been devastating with the downfall of the traditional family and the protection and stability it provides for the state.Â

Malta has long resisted these efforts in venues such as the United Nations and has retained much of its national character as a strongly Christian state. The pressure is mounting, however, especially after the country joined the European Union.

Various forms of legally recognized gay partnerships have been introduced in 12 other EU countries and Malta is seen by anti-Christian activists as merely the last domino.

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