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Here at LifeSiteNews, we are often tasked with the challenge of reporting on life and family news stories that are not comfortable.
In fact, reporting these hard truths has become one of the most well-known features of LifeSite’s news service.
But this can also present its challenges. Some readers have told us they find it very difficult to read some of our articles because of their disturbing content.
This is understandable. It certainly isn’t easy to face the truth about the distressing state of our culture. Truths like:

  • the breakdown of the family and the explosion of pornography
  • the horrors of abortion-on-demand
  • the inroads being made into our children’s schools and other public institutions by LGBT extremists
  • the existence of corruption and weakness even within Church institutions and among some Church leaders
  • and, perhaps most frightening of all, the growing threats to the freedoms of Christians to live their faith in the public square!

And yet, this is why I believe we need LifeSite’s totally unique form of reporting more than ever!
Will you help us continue our hard-hitting pro-life and pro-family investigative reporting? 

The fact is, the times are changing. The days when we could live out our Christian faith comfortably are no longer here.
If we are to respond effectively we simply must face this reality, unflinchingly. And yet, at the same time, we must never, ever do so in a spirit of fear. On the contrary, we must acknowledge the state of things with boundless faith and confidence in God!
Many people often ask us at LifeSite how we can do the work we do without getting depressed. I can only say that it is a grace from God.
As Mother Teresa famously said: “God doesn’t call us to be successful. He calls us to be faithful.” This could be LifeSite’s motto! We know that the outcome of all of our efforts is always completely up to God – and that, in the end, the victory is assured, for Christ has already won the war!
At LifeSite we know we truly are in the middle of a war – a war for lives, and for souls – but we don’t use physical weapons. Our weapons are prayer, truth and professionalism.
Yes. We do confront terrible evils and violence, every day, all day. And certainly, this work is not for the faint of heart.
Like David when he stood and faced Goliath, we don't have anywhere near the resources that our opponents have. But we enter the battle with confidence in God, and often achieve surprisingly spectacular results.
Our trusting confidence also comes from the knowledge that you, our readers, have always helped keep this truth mission operational.
In fact, it is because of your support that we have grown from a two-man operation reaching a few hundred people to an international outfit of 25+ journalists and staff in seven countries reaching 50 million people around the world every year!
Today marks the beginning of our last full week of fundraising efforts for our Spring campaign.
We still have $173,000 left to go to meet our absolutely minimum goal of $200,000.
Can you donate $25, $50, $100, or maybe even $250 or more today to support our continued efforts to truthfully and faithfully report on life and family developments?

We put our whole heart and soul, at considerable personal cost, into this mission to provide the truth about the most crucial developments in the world today.
It is often the truth that no one else, or few, will take the risks to report or have the freedom to report.
We love our work. We love it because we believe it pleases God. We are doing what He inspires us to do. Who could wish for anything better, regardless of all the crosses that come with it?
With your help today, we will continue to fight for life and family, embracing any cross we are asked to carry along the way in defense of truth.
This is how Christianity has always changed the world.