No recess for boys at public school in Spain so they ‘know how women feel’

The intent supposedly is to allow the male students to experience sex discrimination.
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Martin M. Barillas By Martin M. Barillas

Martin M. Barillas By Martin M. Barillas

MADRID, Spain, March 7, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — While feminists march in cities throughout Spain on Friday, a public school planned to bar boys from their daily recreation period so that they can “know how women feel” about sex discrimination.

Thousands of feminists are expected to march in Madrid and other Spanish cities as part of protests to mark International Women’s Day. Feminists are leaving their jobs and homes for the day to protest against violence and discrimination on the basis of “sex and gender.”

According to a document revealed by Spanish journalist Fernando Diaz Villanueva, teachers at the high school in Puebla de Guzman, a hamlet in the province of Huelva, were instructed that as part of the feminist curriculum for the day they were to release the girls but not the boys for recess. They explained that this is to teach them “what women have felt for long periods in history, wherein they have been forbidden to do certain tasks, which is totally unfair but happened. And it continues to happen in certain countries.”

Diaz Villanueva wrote on Twitter, “This Friday, the boys at a school in Huelva will be punished and without recreation … because they are boys. Girls will be allowed to go out to the schoolyard. You have given birth and nurtured a monster that has not escaped from your control.”

Francisco Serrano, who represents the right-of-center Vox party in Andalucia’s provincial legislature, tweeted his disgust over the school’s apparent sex discrimination. He tweeted, “The principal ordered teachers today to punish male pupils on March 8 by depriving them of recreation time simply because they are male.”

Local media have confirmed with education authorities in Huelva that the school document is authentic. Education authorities say the school principal is “deeply concerned over how the document has been misinterpreted” and denied that this is in no way a punishment for boys. “This is an incorrect interpretation,” said the authorities.

Rocio Monasterio, a celebrated and active member of Vox, also denounced the school on Twitter. “Boys punished for being male … the dictatorship under gender totalitarianism, led by supremacist feminism and tolerated by cowards who don’t dare to denounce it. This is happening in Spain.”

Education authorities in Huelva are now claiming that the leaked documents were merely a proposal and that girls would have been released for recreation five minutes before boys.

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