DUBLIN, April 4, 2013 ( – Noam Chomsky, the most cited academic in the world, said that an unborn baby is “an organ” and a part of the mother's “own body” during a recent guest lecture at an Irish college.

“There is a strong debate at the moment with regards to a woman's right to control an organ of her own body – namely the fetus,” Chomsky said during a question and answer session at University College Dublin on Tuesday night. “There is legislation being enacted in several U.S. states to define personhood as a fertilized egg.”

Dr. Chomsky did not provide any scientific reason to believe life begins at any time other than conception.


The comment came as he reflected on the status of the abortion debate in the United States, according to the Irish Times.

“Pretty soon you can imagine legislation prohibiting the washing of hands because thousands of cells are flaked off that could be turned into a stem cell and you can grow a fetus – so you're killing a person,” he said.

“It's attacks on women's rights,” he concluded

Chomsky's lecture, “Can Civilization Survive ‘Really Existing’ Capitalism?” was hosted by the UCD School of Philosophy.

He received the university's highest honor, the UCD Ulysses Medal.

Chomsky holds a Ph.D. in linguistics but is primarily known for his far-Left political views.

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Born Avram Noam Chomsky in 1928, the son of a Hebrew professor and a children's book author has been teaching at MIT since 1955. He is known for his groundbreaking theory that language is an innate and universal trait rather than a learned behavior.

His first political article was published at the age of 10, but he became a ubiquitous feature of campus life beginning with his protests against the Vietnam Conflict in the 1960s. His books, such as Manufacturing Consent, are required reading at numerous campuses.

In addition to being pro-abortion, Chomsky's views have frequently been described as anti-American.

Osama bin Laden praised Noam Chomsky in a speech released on September 7, 2007, calling the MIT professor “among the most capable of those from your own side.”

Chomsky wrote in 2011 that the evidence of Osama bin Laden's culpability for 9/11 “does not warrant murdering a suspect who could, it seems, have been easily apprehended and brought to trial.” However, he once denounced “the great killer and torturer Ronald Reagan, one of the grand criminals of the modern era,” calling the nation's most pro-life president a “monstrous creature.”

Ireland, the world's most pro-life nation, has been embroiled in a debate over legalizing abortion since the widely reported death of Savita Halappanavar.