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(LifeSiteNews) – The president and leaders of Uganda have taken a firm stance in defense of the country’s recently passed law against the practice of homosexuality, which has run afoul of the pro-LGBT agenda of western governments.

“The signing is finished. Nobody will move us,” President Yoweri Museveni said in confirmation that he will not compromise on the issue. Identifying homosexual inclinations as a disordered psychological condition, he declared. “It’s not genetic, it’s not hormonal, it is a psychological disorientation … It’s a type of sickness.”

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Addressing threats from the U.S. and international bodies that aid to the country will be cut because of the law, President Museveni affirmed he would not be coerced by money. He declared, “If they cut aid, we shall sit down and discipline our expenditure, rearrange our budgets; if they interfere with our trade, we shall trade with others.”

Speaking to Members of Parliament and Ugandan citizens about the agenda of the West to normalize homosexuality, Museveni asked, “If there is a deviation from [the] normal, if there is an abnormality, how would you seek to universalize an abnormality? And how would you seek to establish an abnormality as an alternative way of life? … If there is an abnormality, why don’t you seek to treat the abnormality and to isolate it not spread it? … So definitely there’s something wrong with these groups, the leadership in the West; there must be some serious issue there … ”

Members of Parliament, who supported the law overwhelmingly with a nearly unanimous vote, thanked the president for his dauntless leadership on the issue despite pressures from the West, with one Ugandan declaring, “Ugandans have their values, Ugandans have their ideals, and Uganda will stand for them.” “You’ve stood in the gap for us.” “And so it was only befitting that we … signify our salutations and respect and our happiness that at least across Africa there is a leader who can stand in the gap, and that is when leaders are born.”

Comparing the attempts of western countries to impose the LGBT agenda on Africa with slavery and colonialism, one man cast the current fight against homosexuality as one of even greater consequence for Uganda and society at large.

“What we are faced with could be a bigger problem than slavery or colonialism … A person proposing that there should be same-sex marriages, sexual relationships, is a person that is not just attacking the family, but a person seeking to wipe the entire humanity out of the face of this earth.”

“How beautiful, your Excellency, would it be that that bill is assented to with all parliaments of Africa behind you.”

One MP expressed the hope that other African countries throughout the continent would follow Uganda’s strong defense of marriage, families, and children, stating, “What we are fighting right now is the promotion of homosexuality in this country … As Africans, as Ugandans, as lawmakers, as citizens of this country, your Excellency, no amount of pressure or intimidation from the western world can make us follow what their practice is in their own country. Your Excellency, Uganda right now should be an exemplary country to other nations and I know that we are not alone. There are other African countries that are really, really supporting what we have right now at hand.”

A human rights advocate drew attention to the extreme agenda of the U.N. in their approach to AIDS, in the name of which every immoral sexual practice of liberal western countries is being aggressively pushed on Africa.

The woman stated, “The human rights approach that U.N. AIDS, the agency that is supposed to be protecting the world from this pandemic, has a document called the International Guidelines on HIV Aids and Human Rights that says that to stop AIDS you have to legalize abortion, same-sex marriage, prostitution, and provide children with a radical form of sexuality education.”

“These U.N. agencies are being now controlled by the donor countries and [are] pushing agendas that are destroying the health and innocence of children and families worldwide. In particular, they are pushing and one of the messages of the conference, an insidious form of sexuality education called comprehensive sexuality education … They push a form of sexual, social colonization by getting to your children and seeking to change their world view on issues of sexual orientation, gender identity, abortion, and they teach them about sexual pleasure and sexual acts. And we have their manuals used all throughout Africa.”

Understanding that the agenda being pushed by the West is an insidious attack on the family, Ugandans emphasized the need to protect, support, and build a culture friendly to families.

“The first school in society is the family,” one woman said. “What you put in your child’s mind as values is what they go to do out there. So, we should concentrate more on helping the families build values, working with the Church leaders, working with traditional leaders, to facilitate them to rehabilitate family.”

Concluding the address to the public, Uganda’s president asked two doctors if they would publicly affirm that homosexuality was a psychological perversion. “This is the core issue,” Museveni said. “Do we agree that a homosexual is a psychological pervert? Either yes or no on the microphone … A psychological pervert, [they] been perverted psychologically: Is that correct or not correct?”

Two doctors affirmed that this was their medical judgment. “They are perverts.” “Yes, I also want to confirm that they are psychologically perverted and the condition is reversible.”

The Speaker of Parliament similarly lauded lawmakers and the president for standing up to protect the family. In a formal statement on the law, she declared, “As Parliament of Uganda, we have heeded the concerns of our people and legislated to protect the sanctity of family … We have stood strong to defend the Culture, Values, and aspirations of our people.” She thanked the President and Members of Parliament “for withstanding all the pressure, in the interests of our country.”

“By their action, we have lived by our motto: For God and our Country.”

The response of Uganda’s president and lawmakers come as U.S. President Joe Biden and the U.S. State Department have threatened to interfere with Uganda’s internal affairs and cut monetary aid to the country. In response to the threat, students of Uganda’s universities took the streets singing in protest against Biden. “We do not want your pro-gay money. We want and love our country more than money.”

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It appears to be abundantly clear that Uganda’s people, Parliament, and president stand united in a firm resolution to defend marriage, family, children, and the vulnerable against all attacks that aim at undermining sexual morality, the stability of the home, or the innocence of the young, even in the face of an outraged West that has tolerance for all but those who reject their sexual LGBT agenda.


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