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'Mika' Minio-Paluello, a 'transgender' activist who has posted images of himself 'breastfeeding' a child Twitter screenshot

(LifeSiteNews) — Former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines denounced a biological man who identifies as “transgender” and publicly displays his sexual fetishes for pretending to “breastfeed” a baby.

On July 6, Gaines, a former NCAA swimmer famous for condemningtransgender” men competing in women’s sports, blasted genderconfused manMika” Minio-Paluello for “breastfeeding” a baby that the man describes as “my child.”

“For the longest time I refrained from posting on TikTok,” Gaines wrote. “But after what I saw today on Twitter, I will be blasting my opinions and my views on all of my social media platforms because this is sick and I think a true testament of where, as Americans, we are today.” 

Minio-Paluello had posted a picture of him trying to breastfeed a baby with the caption, “In the end, I only breastfed my child for a few weeks. I then had to stop because I had a cancer relapse and didn’t want to poison my child. Here’s me on the bus to hospital for the 1st chemo round, feeding my child for the last time.” 

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Gaines posted other photos of Minio-Paluello in which he is using “nipple clamps” with a caption in which he questions how hard the viewer could pull on the clamps. 


“In the following photos you will see the same man who was breastfeeding the child actively using nipple clamps to fulfill his sexual fetish,” wrote Gaines. 

So I guess what I’m wondering is, how can any sane human being see this man posing with this child, obviously sucking on his nipple, now seeing what he engages in privately, and not see this baby as an erotic prop for this man with a sick fetish?” Gaines challenged. 

“It is sexual abuse of a child, bottom line and all of this to say that in America we are normalizing pedophilia,” she declared. “Let me repeat that: we are normalizing pedophilia.  

We are normalizing this behavior in the guise of human rights, but sexual abuse is not a human right for anyone,” Gaines continued. I hate to even be spreading this message, but I think people need to see it. 

“It’s up to us to stand up against evil which is exactly what this is,” she declared. “This is a battle of moral versus evil. The smirk on this man’s face says it all.” 

Gaines is a former All-American. She has made dozens of media appearances in recent years, bringing attention to the NCAA’s decision to allow William “Lia” Thomas to swim against females.   

Predictably, Thomas went from being one of the lowest-ranked male swimmers in the country to an above-average one in the women’s division, even winning the 500-yard freestyle national championship. Gaines herself competed against Thomas, tying him for fifth — down to 1/100th of a second — in the 200-yard freestyle finals.  

The NCAA awarded Thomas the trophy and told Gaines that she had to stand off the podium so that he could have a photo-op. Gaines has since become a leading speaker against the incorporation of gender-confused males into women’s competitions. 


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