SYDNEY, Australia, Nov 12 ( – Organan, the manufacturer of a new “contraceptive”  implant which would render women infertile for at three years, is hoping to gain access to the Australian market in coming weeks. The company claims a 100% “success rate” with no children being born to mothers using “Implanon.” Although the drug sometimes acts as a contraceptive, like its predecessor Norplant, it can also act as an abortifacient by making the endometrium (uterine wall) inhospitable to the fertilized ovum. 

The striking similarities between Implanon and Norplant are many, including the fact that both are progesterone-only devices and both are “match-stick sized” surgical implants under the skin of the arm. The side effects are also the same with altered menstrual patterns,  acne, dizziness, headaches, chest pain and more. The company claims that the drug has been approved in Europe. 

Apparently the example of Norplant’s market failure and lawsuits has not dissuaded Organan. 

LifeSite News reported in August that American Home Products Corp. and its subsidiary Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories have agreed to a settlement in a class action lawsuit by 40,000 US women regarding Norplant. In the agreement Wyeth-Ayerst maintains it has done no wrong but has agreed to pay $1,500 each to the approximately 50,000 women in question. 

With files from American Life League.