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RALEIGH, North Carolina (LifeSiteNews) – Republican North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson refuses to back down after slamming the “filth” of transgenderism and homosexuality in a recently published video.

Robinson made his comments in a speech released last week in which he condemned sexualized pro-LGBT propaganda in school curriculums.

“There’s no reason anybody anywhere in America should be telling any child about transgenderism, homosexuality, any of that filth,” he said in June at Asbury Baptist Church. “And yes, I called it filth. And if you don’t like it that I called it filth, come see me, and I’ll explain it to you.”

“It’s time for us to stop letting these children be abused at these schools, and it’s not going to happen till the people of God stand up and demand different,” he added.

Robinson, a born-again Christian and the first African-American lieutenant governor of North Carolina, also blasted the Marxist, pro-LGBT Black Lives Matter movement.

“Black lives do not matter to Black Lives Matter,” he said. “You know how I know that? Because if they did, you know where they would be instead of being at the police station? They would be down there at the gang hangout, at the drug dealer’s house, burning that down.”

“They’d be down at the abortion clinic burning that down if Black lives really mattered,” Robinson said.

Democrats and LGBT activists immediately called for the lieutenant governor’s resignation after Right Wing Watch, an advocacy group with ties to George Soros, released a recording of his speech Wednesday.

North Carolina Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper criticized Robinson’s comments as “abhorrent,” according to the Raleigh News & Observer, echoing the Biden administration, which similarly attacked his defense of traditional Christian morality as “repugnant and offensive.”

Cooper added Wednesday that he thought it would be “appropriate” for Robinson to step down.

Lt. Gov. Robinson has steadfastly refused to apologize or resign, however, telling local news last week that “it is time for parents in this state to take a strong stand for their children.”

“We will not be intimidated. We will not back down. We will not change our language,” he said in an interview with WRAL. “The language I used, I am not ashamed of it. I will use it in the future because, again, it is time for parents in this state to take a strong stand for their children.”

Gov. Cooper’s criticism “makes no difference whatsoever,” Robinson continued. “I am tired of folks on the right being demonized for our speech while folks on the left burn, beat, rob, loot — take over entire cities and get a pass.”

“Homosexuality is not a culture. Homosexuality is a sexual preference, and sexual preferences, I believe, do not need to be discussed in our schools.”

Robinson doubled down again in a press conference yesterday in which he exposed graphic sexual content in LGBT books increasingly found in schools across the United States.

“We talking about materials – inappropriate materials – that are being presented to our children. And we’re talking about those politicians who have demonized me because I’m trying to get this out of our classrooms,” he said Tuesday, adding that “not only are we not resigning, we are not going to stop until the schools of North Carolina are safe from this kind of filth.”

Robinson has previously taken aim at explicit and political content in school lessons as lieutenant governor, announcing a task force earlier this year with the purpose of “exposing indoctrination in the classroom.”

The initiative, titled FACTS, released a report in August detailing 500 allegations of North Carolina teachers sexualizing children, “white shaming” students, and pushing far-left causes, including transgenderism and critical race theory.

North Carolina Republican leaders have largely backed Robinson in recent days, with the state’s Republican Party saying this week that it “stands with Lt. Gov. Robinson,” and “resolutely defends parents’ ultimate authority over their children’s education and opposed the inclusion of explicit and intrusive materials which have no place in North Carolina classrooms.”

“Republicans across North Carolina stand with Lt. Governor Robinson in fighting for these principles.”

“I agree with the Lt. Governor that it is inappropriate for our children to be exposed to sexually explicit images in reading materials provided by our schools,” North Carolina House speaker Rep. Tim Moore also said in a statement yesterday.

“The Lt. Governor has clarified his statements and has said plainly that he was describing this reading material, not any person or community, in his remarks. Furthermore, the outpouring of racist, disturbing voicemails and messages directed at Lt. Gov. Robinson and his family are shameful and abhorrent,” Moore noted.

During his press conference Tuesday, Robinson revealed a slew of racist messages and death threats that he and his office have received since last week. One voicemail from an apparently homosexual man called for the Black Republican to be “hang[ed] from the highest tree.”

“I would submit to you that I’m the one who is under attack right now with threats of violence,” Robinson said.

The first-term lieutenant governor is known for a conservative, pro-family background that has repeatedly made him a target of the left.

In August, Robinson condemned transgenderism as a “demonic” movement “dragging our kids into the pit of Hell.” “If there’s a movement in this country that is demonic and that is full of anti, the spirit of anti-Christ, it is the transgender movement,” he told a Christian church in Raleigh.

While a private citizen, Robinson had similarly slammed an infamous National Geographic magazine cover glorifying a gender-confused child. “The sick, deranged, sexual degenerates who promote this type of demonic behavior are the ones who will take the next step in our continuing moral decline toward total depravity,” he wrote on Facebook at the time. “Free love, then homosexuality.”