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BISMARCK, ND, March 28, 2013 ( – A pro-abortion group was forced to post a message on its Facebook page begging followers not to become violent after North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple reportedly received death threats after signing three new laws restricting abortion.

“We have received word that Governor Dalrymple is receiving death threats,” wrote the owner of the “Stand Up for Women ND” page. “Please, friends, do not make these inappropriate threats against ANYONE, and please urge your friends to do the same.”

The owner emphasized, “PLEASE NO CRIMINAL THREATS! NO VIOLENCE! We want stoic, respectful solidarity or we will not be taken seriously. Thank you!” (Emphasis in original.)


Some abortion supporters replying to the post questioned whether the Republican goveror had really received death threats, and suggested it was pro-life activists who made the threats in order to make the pro-abortion side look bad. One said, “I doubt people are sending death threats. Until you have a credible source, I wouldn't use these fear tactics.”

But ‘Stand Up for Women ND’ confirmed that the threats were real, saying, “[The threat] was credible, and remains so. It is currently being investigated. They have traced the threats to somewhere in Richland County.”

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Dalrymple’s spokesman Jeff Zent told local website Inforum that the governor had received more than 3,000 calls and e-mails about the bills, some of them highly emotional.

“Some of the calls have been a little extreme in the messages, but for the most part people want to let the governor know their feelings,” Zent told Inforum.

Not all of the people contacting the governor oppose the new laws, which ban abortions after a heartbeat can be detected (usually around six weeks), all sex-selective abortions, and abortions that target children with genetic anomalies like Down syndrome.

Staffer Patty Moser said the feedback has been evenly split between pleased pro-lifers and supporters of legalized abortion.