FARGO, ND, August 9, 2013 ( – Tammi Kromenaker, the owner of the last abortion facility in North Dakota, accepted an award from activists with the Revolutionary Communist Party USA and participated in a rally that called for a Marxist revolution.

Kromenaker warmly invited members of the Abortion Rights Freedom Rides into her Red River Women's Clinic in Fargo. One of them presented her with a certificate that read, “Abortion Providers are Heroes.”

Stop Patriarchy, the group that organized the event, tweeted, “@TammiKromenaker thanks to you and your staff for welcoming us into your clinic! you are all heroes to women!”

Stop Patriarchy is a front group for the Revolutionary Communist Party USA.


Kromenaker received a hero's reception when she took part in a public rally with Stop Patriarchy last week, where an RCP speaker revealed the radical sect behind the “freedom rides.”

“There was a party that was formed during this revolutionary time in the '60s that never gave up on revolution,” said one of the group's speakers, “because it is going to take a revolution and nothing less to end the horrors that this system creates and perpetuates.”

“People who are serious about ending the horrific oppression of people here and all over the world need to get into this,” she continued, “and you can do so by digging into the work of the chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, Bob Avakian, who has worked tirelessly over the past 40-plus years on developing this new synthesis of Communism.”

Avakian openly supports the violent overthrow of the U.S. government to install a Maoist form of communism.

Kromenaker may believe the support they provide her embattled business, facing the threat of closure due to tough state regulations, outweighs its call for insurrection – something not reported in the mainstream media.

When she appeared on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC program last month, Maddow raised the issue of the Abortion Rights Freedom Rides.

“Is there a material consequence to you of that national support?” she asked Kromenaker. “Does it make a difference to you when people nationally are paying attention to the kind of needs that your clinic has?”

“I think definitely it's helpful,” Kromenaker replied.

Neither mentioned that the group is founded and run by the Revolutionary Communist Party.

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Kromenaker was not the only area liberal to salute the RCP's latest publicity stunt. She was joined at the event by two members of Minnesota's chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW), including state PAC chairman Gordy Gustafson.

The second-longest serving mayor in Fargo history, Jon Lindgren, also praised their message supporting, “Abortion on Demand and Without Apology.”

He said he liked that better than the Clinton-era phrase that “abortion should be rare,'” because the latter statement “puts abortion over into the category of a bad thing that should be avoided.”

“Like other medical procedures, it is neither bad nor good, just something that needs to be done,” Lindgren wrote.

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